How your application is reviewed

Applications to our MScA program first go through a screening process: we look for successful completion (or detailed plan for completion) of our prerequisite courses; at the candidate's GPA (3.8 on a 4.0 scale is the mean GPA of students admitted to our program in recent years); and at CASPer test scores. 

Applications that make it past this initial screening are carefully reviewed in a process involving six to eight faculty members and multiple rounds of independent review. Faculty evaluate two broad aspects of each file: 1) academic achievements and potential and 2) professional experience and potential. Candidates offered admission will have exceptional ratings for both of these components.

There are no particular experiences that can ensure acceptance, and the review is based on a holistic review of your application materials with respect to academics and professionalism relative to those of the pool of candidates for that year. The review takes many factors into account, and each of them may be given a different weight in individual cases, as our applicants vary considerably in their background and experiences.

Admission to our M.Sc.A. program is highly competitive and only a small number of outstanding students are admitted (approximately 10% of our applicant pool). Unfortunately, many excellent students cannot be recommended for admission each year. To increase your chances of getting a spot in an S-LP training program, it is recommended that you apply to multiple programs.

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