The 30th edition of Soup and Science was hosted virtually through Zoom. 300 students and community members heard from 15 outstanding McGill professors and 5 student speakers across disciplines talk about their research program in lightning-style talks, followed by active discussions in dynamic breakout rooms. Click on the session date to view the  video recording of the presentation.

Friday October 2, 2020

Prof. Debra Titone
Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Language and Multilingualism Lab

Prof. Karine Auclair
Department of Chemistry

Science at Work to Make Chemistry Greener and Save Lives


Prof. Anush Tserunyan
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ergodicity: From Discrete to Continuous

Mathilde Rioux, Undergraduate Student
Department of Psychology
How can rehearsal change the neural representation of our memories?



Thursday October 1, 2020

Prof. Signy Sheldon
Department of Psychology

Constructing autobiographical
memories in the brain

Prof. Anthony Ricciardi
Redpath Museum and McGill School of Environment

Microplastic Pollution in the St Lawrence River


Prof. Graham MacDonald
Department of Geography

Land Use and Food Systems:
From Local to Global

Luca Weishaupt, Undergraduate Student
Department of Medical Physics

The Nuts and Bolts of Research as an Undergraduate



Wednesday September 30, 2020

Prof. C.J. Li
Department of Chemistry

Inventing New Chemistry for Future Sustainability

Prof. Courtney Paquette
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Why All Large-Scale Optimization is the Same


Prof. Victoria Kaspi
Department of Physics

Fast Radio Bursts

Taj Dyson, Undergraduate Student
Department of Physics
Radio Frequency Interference at the McGill Arctic Research Station



Tuesday September 29, 2020

Prof. Catherine Potvin
Department of Biology
How Large is a Tree?

Prof. Hans Larsson
Redpath Museum

What Can Dinosaurs Do For You?


Prof. Peter Douglas
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Using Rare Isotopes to Understand Climate Change

Émilie Saucier
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Rockstars in Action: Fieldwork and Research as an Undergrad



Monday September 28, 2020

Prof. Sarah Moser
Department of Geography
Urbanizing the ocean as a neocolonial strategy

Prof. Patrick Allen
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Elliptic Curves Over the Gaussian Numbers


Prof. Andrew Hendry
Redpath Museum and Department of Biology

Does Evolution Matter in the Real World?

Shelby Clarke, Research Assistant
Department of Biology

Shocking Tails: Field Work in Uganda



Sun and Science was produced by

Preeti Purba-Singh, Research Office of the Faculty of Science
Eduardo Ganem Cuenca, Research Office of the Faculty of Science

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