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Soup and Science, 37th edition

(February 26 - March 1, 2024)

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Winter 2024 Speakers

Monday February 26, 2024


John Stix
Prof. John Stix
Department of
Earth & Planetary Sciences
How to predict a volcanic eruption


Virginie Millien
Prof. Virginie Millien
Department of Biology
Mouse tale in a warming world

Student Speaker
Benjamin Kinder
Benjamin Kinder 
Department of Neuroscience
Improving modelling of aperiodic neural dynamics



Sara Knox
Prof. Sara Knox
Department of Geography
Wetlands in a changing world: processes, feedbacks and the climate benefits of wetlands

Maureen McKeague
Prof. Maureen McKeague
Department of Chemistry
From Helix to Healing: Exploring DNA and RNA drugs and diagnostics




Tuesday February 27, 2024


Prof. Kai Wang
Department of Physics
Quantum meta-photonics


Mallik Mahmoud
Prof. Mallik Mahmud
Department of Geography
The new sea ice regime in the Arctic

Student Speaker
Photo of Grace Parish
Grace Parish
Department of
Microbiology and Immunology
Searching for new antimicrobials in the Canadian High Arctic



Photo of Rees Kassen
Prof. Rees Kassen
Department of Biology
How little things answer big questions about evolution

Emerson Krock
Prof. Emerson Krock
Faculty of
Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences
Fibromyalgia, autoantibodies and bacterial cross-reactivity




Wednesday February 28, 2024


Photo of Mehdi Dagdoug
Prof. Mehdi Dagdoug
Department of
Mathematics and Statistics
Missing data treatment in surveys


Don Baker
Prof. Don Baker
Department of
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Deccan Traps and global change before the Impact: How volcanism set the stage for the dinosaurs demise

Student Speakers
Photo of Olivia Grossi
Olivia Grossi
Gault Nature Reserve
Gault Nature Reserve : A summer in conservation near Montreal



Photo of Robert Fajber
Prof. Robert Fajber
Department of
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
What goes up must come down: modelling evaporation and the global water cycle


Maya Gross
Maya Goss

Christoper Barbarie
Christopher Barbarie
Department of Physics
Cosmology from the High Arctic



Thursday February 29, 2024



Photo of Siva Reddy
Prof. Siva Reddy
School of Computer Science
Department of Linguistics
ChatGPT, is natural language understanding solved?


Photo of Derek Ruth
Prof. Derek Ruths
School of Computer Science
Bot or Not? The central challenge facing bot detection

Student Speaker
Photo of Yashar Habashi
Yashar Habashi
Interdepartmental Honors program
in Immunology
Mapping immune landscapes in syngeneic murine models of minimally and highly invasive brain metastases


Photo of Mittermeier
Prof. Anthony Mittermaier
Department of Chemistry
Biomolecular Dynamics

Photo of Natalie Zeytuni
Prof. Natalie Zeytuni
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Unravelling the molecular secrets of bacterial pathogenicity




Friday March 1, 2024



Photo of Lucas Caire de Silva
Prof. Lucas Caire da Silva
Department of Chemistry
Innovating chemistry with biomimicry



Photo of Hans Larsson
Prof. Hans Larsson
Department of Biology
Macroevolution @ McGill

Student Speaker
Photo of Elia Painchaud
Élia Painchaud-Lakatos
Department of Psychology
Aversive Olfactory Imprinting in C. Elegans Using Optogenetic Stimulation


Photo of Ajitha Thanabalasuriar
Prof. Ajitha Thanabalasuriar
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Vaping away immune cell function

Prof. Abigail Gerhold
Department of Biology
Maintaining mitotic fidelity in complex in vivo environments



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