Research and Grants Office

The RGO provides strategic direction and administrative support in securing research funding, which enables the faculty and university to achieve the highest standards in research.

The Research and Grants Office works with the Dean and the Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Science to:

  • to promote strategic funding programs and priorities
  • to support the submission of individual grants, awards, and prize applications for research
    • drafting letters of support from the Faculty of Science
    • editing and revision services
    • providing guidance for tricky sections (e.g., Institutional Commitments, Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI))
  • to ensure compliance with University research policy by reviewing and providing Faculty approval for:
  • to promote research to undergraduate students 

Contact Us [at] | (514) 398-1883

Research and Grants Officers

kerstin.tiedemann [at] (Kerstin Tiedemann, PhD.)

sam.darling [at] (Sam Darling, PhD.)

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