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Schull Yang International Experience Awards

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Cancellation notice: McGill University has cancelled all international outbound student travel for academic activities scheduled for Summer 2020. Accordingly the Facuty of Science will not be able to offer Schull Yang International Experience Awards in Summer 2020.

Schull Yang International Experience Awards, supported by Joseph Schull (BA ‘82, MA ’85) and Anna Yang (BCL, LLB ’88), help undergraduate and graduate students gain first hand international experience related to their fields of study. The award provides full or partial funding to assist students with tuition, travel, and other expenses related to their international experience. Schull Yang International Experience Awards are part of the McGill International Experience Awards.

In the Faculty of Science, Schull Yang International Experience Awards are available to support full-time summer undergraduate research experiences abroad for Science students (B.Sc. or B.A. & Sc.) who will be returning to study at McGill in the following Fall term, preferably in their undergraduate program which is still underway.

How can I apply?

  1. Choose your destination: a university abroad! Maybe your future interests involve a graduate program of study not offered at McGill, and you want to try out academic life there! Or perhaps, for your particular scholarly interest, the top researchers are located outside Canada. Maybe you have always wanted to explore some other particular country. Note that we will also consider placements at institutions that are comparable to universities (such as certain research institutes or teaching hospitals).
  2. Find a professor at a foreign university who wants you to join her or his research group. Some students make connections with professors directly, on their own; much of the advice for getting involved in research at McGill will also apply. Sometimes McGill professors connect students to their research collaborators abroad. You might make a connection through an external program organised by another university, funding agency, or scholarly society.
  3. Agree upon a research project. What is the proposed project? What will you actually be doing? Your supervisor will often help you with this part.
  4. Budget your trip. The application form provides some suggestions of what to think about. Awards often range from $4000-6000 depending on destination and duration.
  5. Tell us about yourself, and why you want to go! There are many ways and reasons to go abroad: which are yours? Why this project at this destination? How does it connect your past experiences with your future plans?
  6. Review the application form and apply online! The form provides more information about eligibility. The deadline to apply with guaranteed consideration is Wednesday, March 11, 5:00pm. Subject to availability of funding, applications received after this deadline may be evaluated (on a rolling basis).


Please contact victor.chisholm [at] (Victor Chisholm) (Student Affairs Administrator, Tel.: 514-398-5964) if you have any questions.

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