Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEO) Bursaries

Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEOs) are high-quality off-campus mobility or other experiential opportunities, and are officially recognized by your Faculty. They foster self-development and help students transition successfully to the workplace or graduate studies. The EEO program is open to all students.

The EEO Bursaries Program is administered by the Scholarships & Student Aid Office as non-repayable forms of financial assistance based on demonstrated financial need. The Faculty has partnered with this program to ensure Science students have equal access to fully participate in these opportunities regardless of their financial capacity.

The Faculty of Science will determine which opportunities shall be eligible and will provide you with a supporting document (such as a transcript entry or letter) to prove their recognition. It generally involves a vetting/selection process, academic oversight, clear learning outcomes and objectives.

Eligible EEOs may include:

  • Field Study Courses and Semesters
  • Unpaid Internships and Research Experiences (excludes McGill on-campus or in affiliated hospitals and research institutes)
  • Research Abroad

Steps for students

  1. Prepare the following documents:
    • Description of the EEO activity should be sent to a professor in your department that you would like to endorse your EEO activity.
    • Once the professor agrees to endorse your participation in the EEO activity, they must sign the Microsoft Office document icon Science EEO approval form and be able to attest to its successful completion later on. What is required as a proof of successful completion will need to be discussed with the professor. Examples of proof of completion could be a report or evaluation from the EEO activity supervisor/mentor.
  2. To confirm your participation in the EEO activity, email the Science EEO Internship Approval Form to: ifso.science [at] mcgill.ca. Once the form is complete, IFSO will sign it and email it back to you. 
  3. Refer to the Scholarships & Student Aid Office (SSAO) website for the steps on how to apply to the EEO Bursaries. Make sure to bring the Science EEO Internship Approval Form with you when you visit SSAO.


Once you have successfully completed the EEO

  1. Submit the proof of completion of your EEO activity to the professor supporting you in your department for validation. 
  2. Your professor should be reminded to send an email to the Internships & Field Studies Office (IFSO) to confirm the successful completion of your EEO activity. Once our office receives confirmation from your department that your EEO activity was successfully completed, the EEO activity will be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).


Steps for the professor

  1. The professor will review the description of the student’s EEO activity and decide if it is related to their studies and worth adding to the co-curricular record.
  2. Once the professor agrees to endorse the EEO activity, they will sign the Science EEO Internship Approval Form.
  3. Once the student successfully completes the EEO activity, the professor will review the proof of completion provided by the EEO activity supervisor/mentor.
  4. If the activity was successful, the professor will send an email to IFSO: ifso.science [at] mcgill.ca to confirm the successful completion of the EEO activity.
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