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Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEO) Bursaries

Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEOs) are high quality off-campus mobility or other experiential opportunities, and are officially recognized by your Faculty. They foster self-development and help students transition successfully to the workplace or graduate studies. The EEO program is open to all students.

The EEO Bursaries Program is administered by the Scholarships & Student Aid Office as non-repayable forms of financial assistance based on demonstrated financial need. The Faculty has partnered with this program to ensure Science students have equal access to fully participate in this opportunities regardless of their financial capacity.

The Faculty of Science will determine which opportunities shall be eligible and will provide you with a supporting document (such as a transcript entry or letter) to prove their recognition. It generally involves a vetting/selection process, academic oversight, clear learning outcomes and objectives.

Eligible EEOs may include:

  • Field Study Courses and Semesters
  • Unpaid Internships and Research Experiences (excludes on-campus or in affiliated hospitals and research institutes)
  • Research Abroad

If you plan to participate in a field course or a field study semester, these EEOs typically appear on your transcript. Therefore you don't need to get additional approval from the Faculty.

If you are planning to participate in an unpaid internship/research experience or research abroad follow all the steps:

1. Check your eligibility

2. Submit an In-Course Aid Application on Minerva

3. Work out your EEO budget File EEO-budget-template.xlsx

4. Complete the Internship/Research Approval Form – EEO Bursaries Microsoft Office document icon FacSci Internship-Research Approval Form.doc

Your EEO activity must be reviewed and endorsed by a faculty member or academic staff in your department or program. The faculty member or academic staff must sign the FacSci Internhip-Research Approval Form.

5. Visit the Internships & Field Studies Office so that your EEO activity can be validated. Bring the FacSci Internship-Research Approval Form.

Burnside Hall room 720
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal Quebec H3A 0B9
Tel: 1-514-398-8365/1063

Office hours
Monday through Friday
8:00am to 12:30pm
2:00pm to 4:00pm

6. Once you completed steps 1 to 5, attend a financial aid appointment by calling 514-398-6013 (downtown) or 514-398-7992 (Macdonald campus).  Bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • The completed EEO budget form
  • The signed FacSci Internship-Research Approval Form
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