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CBC listen

What does a network approach tell us about bilingual language use? Find out in this segment by CBC Radio that discusses our recent research.


What makes Montréal a special place for studying bilingualism? Read this article from the McGill Tribune to learn how our work answers this question.

Colour-coded network graphs

What can Network Science tell us about what Montréal bilinguals talk about? Read about it in this McGill Science Newsroom article.

Monolingual and Bilingual Brains

Psychology Today referenced our keynote paper on the bilingual cognitive advantage.

English, French, Dutch Welcome sign

Our research on bilingualism, executive control and aging appears in McGill Newsroom. 

Person with long hair looking at two computer monitors

Our work on reading impairments in schizophrenia patients was featured in Science Daily.

Stone effigy that states " a translation from one language to another "

Nature Outlook covered our work on language in schizophrenia


Electrical signals in the brain

Our work on brain mechanisms responsible for misinterpreting signals featured in McGill Newsroom.

Word fridge magnets

How do bilinguals juggle the different languages they know? Read about our work in this feature from McGill Daily.

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