Funding Sources

NSERC CRSNG LogoNSERC (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council)

2022 - 2027 Principal Investigator, NSERC Discovery Grant, CAD$390,000, Reading-To-Think: How We Infer, Reason, And Make Decisions In A First And Second Language.


SSHRC CRSH Logo SSHRC (Social Sciences Humanities Research Council)

2022 – 2024 | Co-Investigator, SSHRC Insight Development Grant. How do Collectively Experienced Large-Scale Social Events Drive Language Dynamics at the Societal and Individual Levels?, Principal Investigator: Marco Senaldi, Ph.D., Brendan Johns, Debra Titone.

2018 - 2023  | Principal Investigator, SSHRC Insight Grant, Eye tracking investigations of what we "notice" within the linguistic landscape


FRSQ Logo Fonds de recherce Québec - Société et culture

2022 - 2028 | Principal Investigator, Multilinguisme: les défis et les impacts cognitifs et socio-culturels, Fonds de recherche Québec – société et culture, Soutien aux équipes de recherche, CAD$384,000 over 6 years. Co-Investigators: Shari Baum, Krista Byers-Heinlein, Denise Klein, Gigi Luk, Natalie Phillips, Linda Polka, Xiaoqian Chai.


Canada Research Chair logoCanada Research Chair

2019 - 2026 | Chairholder, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Language & Multilingualism


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