Naima Mansuri

Naima Mansuri leaning against a short white wall, with the ocean in the background.

I'm a PhD Student, in the Experimental Psychology program at McGill, under the supervision of Dr. Titone. Prior to McGill, I received a Bachelors of Arts at the University of British Columbia in Psychology & Linguistics, where I researched event-related potentials in response to semantically and phonetically unexpected sentences under the supervision of Dr. Lawrence Ward.

My research interests are in psycholinguistics, bilingualism, and cognition. More specifically, my research interests include learning how the brain reacts to figurative language, and how exposure to specific features of one language can affect the learning of other languages.

My current research focuses on whether script features of an individual's L1 can predict reading comprehension in an L2 – for example, are alphabetic languages such as English easier to learn by individuals who speak other alphabetic languages (such as Polish) compared to individuals that speak logographic languages (such as Mandarin)?

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