Honorary Lab Members

Ethan Kutlu

Eath Kutlu smiling in the woods

Greetings! My name is Ethan. I earned my PhD at the University of Florida working on the geo-political differences in bilingual populations. Specifically, I am interested in the perception of bilingualism within a community and its implication on bilingual cognition. I am collaborating with Dr. Debra Titone to have a unique comparison of two different bilingual communities. 

Junyan Wei, Ph.D.

Headshot of Wei Junyan

I am interested in how bilingual environment impacts bilingual language processing. I am now doing eye-tracking research on Chinese/English bilinguals to see whether they exhibit similar patterns of language co-activation as compared to French/English bilinguals, and whether individual differences in the age of second language acquisition and second language exposure modulate language co-activation.

Before I joined in the lab in 2018, I obtained my B.A. in English, M.A. in applied linguistics and Ph.D. in psycholinguistics from Nanjing Normal University, China. I worked with Dr. Chuanbin Ni on second language acquisition/attrition, first and second language interaction, and figurative language processing.

Annie Gilbert, Ph.D.

Headshot of Annie Gilbert

Dr. Annie C. Gilbert is a research associate at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at McGill University. Her research investigates the impact of individual differences in bilingual experience on speech production and segmentation in L1 and L2 using behavioural and electrophysiological paradigms. She earned her Ph.D. in phonetics at Université de Montréal and competed her postdoctoral work in psychology at McGill University, looking at bilingual speech planning.

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