SSHRC Insight Grants - OSR Information Session


Via Zoom

The purpose of the SSHRC Insight Grant Program is to provide support for long-term research initiatives of two to five years for emerging and established scholars in the social sciences and humanities.

Researchers in social sciences and humanities, arts and literature who are planning to apply to the upcoming SSHRC Insight Grant fall 2021 competition are encouraged to attend this information session, which will include:

  • A presentation about the objectives and application requirements of the SSHRC Insight Grants program by Biljana Vasilevska and Joanna Mastalerek, Grants and Agreement Officers, OSR;
  • A presentation from Dr. Thomas Soehl, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, who will provide potential applicants with information about the peer-review system and strategies for preparing a successful Insight Grant proposal;
  • A question and answer period where participants will be encouraged to raise any questions they may have about the program or the application process.

    Those who are unable to attend or who may not feel comfortable sharing their questions are invited to send their inquiries to biljana.vasilevska [at] (Biljana Vasilevska) (ext. 8707) or joanna.mastalerek [at] (Joanna Mastalerek )(ext. 3700) in advance so that they may be covered during the session.

You are invited to register here by Tuesday May 18th, 2021

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