Academic and Career Planning Meetings


As per postgraduate rules and regulations, the Program Directors are required to meet residents twice a year. During these meetings the following topics will be addressed:

  • Academic performance
  • Fulfillment of training requirements
  • COPE exam
  • Resident wellness and wellbeing
  • Any issues surrounding resident mistreatment
  • Completion of longitudinal requirements
  • Completion of scholarly research project
  • Any issues surrounding training
  • Any suggestions on how to improve the program
  • Etc.

In-House Career Day

The program hosts an annual career day for residents. This event is mandatory for all residents in the program. The event is meant to regularly update residents on career opportunities in psychiatry in Quebec and, when possible, outside the province. It is also intended to guide residents in navigating the process of job searching in an academic, community or private setting. This event is also meant to help residents plan fellowships and subspecialty training.

Fellowship/Career ORIENTATION

The program directors and the associate chair (education and clinical affairs) will host a session during orientation with the SENIOR residents and orient them with career specific inquiries they may have, while also discussing fellowships, salary, insurance and everything related to becoming a psychiatrist.

Transition to practice-PGY5

The program will pair up each resident with an attending staff for one day for them to truly experience a day as a psychiatrist.


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