Continuing Education Program

Our vision is to organize yearly scientific events (conferences, courses, workshops and retreats) that address relevant and complex issues that may be facing our department or our field as a whole. The aim would be to bring to the podium some of the key figures involved to maximize the process of learning and optimize interaction with our faculty.

An organizing committee will be struck for each scientific event comprised of various key figures from within our various teaching hospitals, as well as from within the community. Aside from helping to break some of the barriers that exist within our various institutions, this will ensure the highest quality of presentation.

Our continuing education events are designed for a variety of health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, family physicians and other allied health care providers both within our academic department and in the community.


For further information, please contact:

Dr Marco Leyton
514 398-5804
marco.leyton [at]

Dr Daniel Zigman
daniel.zigman [at]

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