About the Department


Dr. Gustavo Turecki
Dr. Gustavo Turecki, Chair, Department of Psychiatry
From our beginnings in a “grand mansion” on a hill overlooking the Port of Montreal in 1943, we have evolved into an integrated network of hospitals and research institutes. Our reach has also been extended as we have been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating the delivery of specialized care to almost a quarter of Quebec’s population in accordance with our Faculty RUIS mandate.  We are committed to providing cutting-edge clinical services, to creating and transferring knowledge within a framework that encompasses social accountability for the optimization of mental health care and that capitalizes on interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations within our network.

As a department, we value innovation and eclecticism. We consider that unravelling the complexity of the human mind to prevent and treat mental illness will depend on our capacity to integrate knowledge from a variety of disciplines, including the social, psychological, and neurosciences. We believe that the suffering associated with mental illness can be diminished if we apply the knowledge we acquire to fighting stigma, influencing mental health policy, and being a catalyst for social change. The diversity of our research programs and wide range of training opportunities reflect our core values.

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