Affiliated Hospitals

The McGill University Department of Psychiatry is comprised of the following hospitals and affiliates. Together, these institutions constitute an impressive network that is dedicated to providing quality clinical services, excellent training and education, and innovative research. By optimizing the expertise and unique strengths of each participant institution, these facilities contribute to a reputation of excellence.

Affiliated Hospitals

MUHC, Montreal Children’s Hospital

Douglas Institute


Psychiatrist-in-Chief: Dr. Gustavo Turecki
Site-Chief: Dr. Johanne Renaud
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Mariana Tataru
Tel.: 514 761 6131 ext. 2745
Fax: 514 888 4056
mariana.tataru [at]


Jewish General Hospital

Psychiatrist-in-Chief: Dr. Karl Looper
Administrative Assistant: Mr. Carl Deller
Tel.: 514 340 8222 ext 22236
Fax: 514 340 7507
psychi.dept.ccomtl [at]


Psychiatrist-in-Chief: Dr. Nadia Szkrumelak
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Bernadette Maskoud
Tel.: 514 934 1934 ext. 42052
Fax: 514 934 8237
bernadette.maskoud [at]


MUHC, Montreal Children’s Hospital


Psychiatrist-in-Chief: Dr. Martin Gignac
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Katia Arias Rosales
Tel.: 514 412 4400 ext. 22470
Fax: 514 843 1517
katia.arias-rosales [at] 

Saint Mary’s Hospital

Psychiatrist-in-Chief: Dr. Gustavo Turecki
Site-Chief: Dr. Michel Elie/Dr. Hannah Schwartz
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Eva Papatheodorou
Tel.: 514 345 3511 ext. 3358
Fax: 514 734 2609
eva.papatheodorou [at]



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