Undergraduate Program

Recognized as one of the top medical schools in North America, McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine has a long tradition of excellence. The goal of the medical undergraduate program is to equip the student to meet the most stringent standards of medical practice and professionalism to ensure career-long excellence in whole-person care.  


The psychiatric component of McGill’s Medical School curriculum includes a variety of courses during the four years of medical school.

First year

  • The physicianship course, which addresses a number of important psychosocial issues

Second year

Course director: Dr Robert Biskin

  • Psychiatric lectures including Introduction to Psychopathology and Suicide, and Mood, Anxiety and Psychotic Disorders
  • Two group activities during the Pathology, Treatment and Prevention of Disease Unit
  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine teaches students are how to conduct a psychiatric examination, as well as how to function in the psychiatric emergency room
  • Introduction to Psychiatric Clerkship prepares students for third year clinical rotations.

Third year

 Chair: TBA

  • The eight week clerkship in psychiatry occurs during the third year.

Fourth year

Information about elective options is available from:

  • Ms Maryna Kalachova, McGill Students Electives Coordinator (mcgillelectives.med [at] mcgill.ca)
  • Ms Mary Cecere, Visiting Students Electives Coordinator (electives.med [at] mcgill.ca)
  • Ms Elizabeth Lefebvre, Career Advisor (careeradvisor.med [at] mcgill.ca)

Admissions procedure

Please visit the Admissions Office of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill website for information

  • The Office of Admissions, Equity and Diversity has created a twitter account to post short, unofficial tweets to convey information.

Contact information:

Ms Cindy Lui, Program Coordinator
Tel.: 514 398 4176
Fax: 514 398 4370
ugstudies.psychiatry [at] mcgill.ca 

Dr Gregory Meterissian, Program Director
Tel.: 514 934 1934 ext. 42055
Fax: 514 934 8237
gregory.meterissian [at] muhc.mcgill.ca

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