Psychiatry Postgraduate Program Directory

McGill University

Program Co-Directors

Dr Nancy Low 
nancy.low [at]
Dr Marie-Christine Noël
marie-christine.noel2 [at]

Program Administrative Coordinators

Ms Jenna McLeod              514 398 7294
Ms Jayne Watson-Sevigny  514 398 2958
Ms Kelly Brown                  514 398 4909
Shared email: residency.psychiatry [at]

Assistant Program Director
Chair, Curriculum Committee
Chair, Safety Subcommittee
Co-Chair, Psychotherapy Subcommittee 
Co-Chair, Research Subcommittee

Dr Robert Biskin
robert.biskin [at]

Co-Chair, Research Subcommittee

Dr Eduardo Chachamovich
eduardo.chachamovich [at]

Chair, Competence Committee Dr Daniel Zigman
daniel.zigman [at]

Director, Fellowship and Mentorship 

Dr Ruben Martins
ruben.martins [at]

Co-Chair, Psychotherapy Subcommittee 

Dr Michael Bond [at]

Department Chair

Dr Gustavo Turecki
chair.psychiatry [at]

Administrative Assistant

Ms Kazué Narita   514 761 6131 x 3326
admincoord.psychiatry [at]

Associate Chair, Education and Clinical Affairs
Chair, Education Subcommittee

Dr Nicola Casacalenda
nicola.casacalenda [at]

Associate Dean, Postgraduate Education

DrRegina Husa   514 398 1458
regina.husa [at]  

Assistant Dean, Resident Affairs

Dr Paola Fata  514 398 5836
paola.fata [at]

Student Affairs Officer

Ms Annie Vos   514 398 2644 [at] ()



Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr Jason Bond [at] 

Administrative Coordinator Ms Danielle Bastien 514 398 2438
childadolresidency.psychiatry [at]

Geriatric Psychiatry

Dr Jess Friedland
jess.friedland [at] ">jess.friedland [at]  

Administrative Coordinator Ms Danielle Bastien 514 398 2438
geriatric.psychiatry [at]

Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr Howard Margolese
howard.margolese [at]

Administrative Coordinator Ms Danielle Bastien  514 398 2438
clinicalpharm.psychiatry [at]

Hospital Sites


Department Chief

Dr Nadia Szkrumelak
nadia.szkrumelak [at]

Training Director, Junior Residents PGY1-3

Dr Rosemarie Soucy
r.chenard-soucy [at] 

Training Director, Senior Residents PGY4-5

Dr Theodore Kolivakis
theo.kolivakis [at]

Research Directors

Dr Simon Ducharme
simon.ducharme [at]
Dr Kathryn Gill
kathryn.gill [at]    

Assistant Chief Resident 

Dr David Benrimoh
david.benrimoh [at]

Administrative Assistant

Ms Anna Schiavone 514 934 1934 x 35520
postgrad.muhcpsychiatry [at]

Jewish General Hospital

Department Chief

Dr Karl Looper
karl.looper [at]

Training Director

Dr Floriana Ianni
fianni [at]

Research Director

Dr Phyllis Zelkowitz
phyllis.zelkowitz [at] 

Assistant Chief Resident 

Dr Kyle Greenway
kyle.greenway [at]

Administrative Assistant

Ms Terri Iaizzo   514 340 8222 x 5186
tiaizzo [at]

Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Department Chief

Dr Gustavo Turecki
gustavo.turecki [at]

Associate Chief

Dr Johanne Renaud
johanne.renaud [at]

Training Director

Dr Joanne Joly
joanne.joly [at]

Clinical Research Director

Dr Ashok Malla
ashok.malla [at]   

Neuroscience Research Director

Dr Claire-Dominque Walker
dominique.walker [at]

Psychosocial Research Director

Dr Suzanne King
suzanne.king [at]

Assistant Chief Resident 

Dr Philippe Beauchamp (P1-6)
philippe.beauchamp [at]
Dr Catherine Ouellet (P7-13)
catherine.ouellet [at]

Administrative Assistant

Ms Annie-Mélissa Paquette-Quintal  
514 761 6131 x 2768 [at]  

Montreal Children's Hospital (Glen)

Department Chief and Division Chair Dr Martin Gignac
martin.gignac [at]

Training Director

Dr Alanna Propst
alanna.propst [at]

Research Director

Dr Lily Hechtman
lily.t.hechtman [at]

Assistant Chief Resident

Dr Sarah Hanafi (P1-7)
sarah.hanafi [at]
Dr Carole-Anne Tremblay (P8-13)
carole-anne.tremblay [at]

Administrative Assistant

Ms Amber Grumbley  514 412 4400 x 23801
amber.grumbley [at]

St Mary's Hospital

Department Chief

Dr Michel Elie & Hannah Schwartz
michel.elie [at] & hannah.schwartz [at]

Training Director

Dr Maria Tuineag
maria.tuineag [at]

Administrative Assistant

Ms Eva Papatheodorou   514 345 3511 x 3358
eva.papatheodorou [at]

Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Janet

Department Chief

Dr André Gagnon
andre.gagnon [at]

Training Director

Dr Jackson Guimezap Tsopmo
jackson.guimezaptsopmo [at]

Site Coordinator

Ms Roxanne Larente 819 966 6171 x 333241

Lakeshore General Hospital

Department Chief

Dr Frederique Van den Eynde
frederique.vandeneynde [at]

Training Director

Dr Octavian Boureanu
oboureanu.odi [at]

Site Coordinator

Ms Johanie Bedard
johanie.bedard.comtl [at]

Health Advocacy Training

Dr Kia Faridi
kia.faridi [at]

Adult Developmental Delay Training

Dr Carol Brebion
drcbrebion [at] (brebion@)

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