First Five Year Strategic Plan (2013-2018)

Procurement Services established a Core Team of diverse McGill community stakeholders to help develop its first Sustainable Procurement Strategic Plan. This Core Team identified the following priorities:

  • Raise awareness and provide training to those who purchase on behalf of the University or influencing such purchases.
  • Provide tools and methods to facilitate more sustainable purchasing decision-making.
  • Demonstrate leadership and share best practices with other institutions.
  • Maintain a triple bottom line perspective (social, economic and environmental considerations), to guide all purchasing-related decision-making.
  • Improve logistics.

Our detailed Strategic Plan has led to multiple, award-winning projects, most of which are still on-going because of their comprehensiveness and long-term scope.  See the On-going Projects, for more details.

Vision developed by the Sustainable Procurement Core Team

Procurement Services promotes and leads the way in establishing a culture of sustainable procurement practices at McGill and in its wider community.

The Core Team members are:

  • Dr. Caroline Begg, Faculty Lecturer, Department of Plant Science
  • Mr. Christian Bouchard, Manager, Hazardous Waste Management
  • Mrs. Suzanne Boyd, Supervisor, Systems and Customer Support
  • Mr. Jérôme Conraud, Energy Manager, University Services
  • Mrs. Stéphanie H. Leclerc, Sustainable Procurement Program Manager, Procurement Services
  • Dr. Marianna Newkirk, Associate Dean (Research), Department of Medicine
  • Mrs. Kathleen Ng, Environmental Officer, Office of Sustainability
  • Mr. Ryan Ortiz, Director, IT Customer Services
  • Mrs. Jo-Ann Sciampacone, Parking Coordinator, Ancillary Services
  • Mrs. Kathy Zendehbad, Associate Director, Strategic Business Platform, Procurement Services
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