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Purchase Goods and/or Services

  • Buying Decision Chart (guidelines and best practices of purchasing)
  • Purchase Requisitions/Orders (the standard method of placing an order)
  • PCard (for orders below $2,500 to suppliers who do not accept Purchase Orders)
  • Travel related Expenses (hotels, transportation, travel agent services, etc.)

Source a Product and Select a Supplier

  • Request for Quotation (for goods and services under $100,000)
  • Public Tenders (for goods and services over $100,000)

Request a New Supplier

  • Procedures
  • Online request form

Change or Cancel a Purchase Order

  • Types of changes you can make on a purchase order
  • Online request form

Return a Product

  • Procedures

Import/Export Goods

  • Government regulations
  • List of forms and documentations
  • McGill's official custom broker

Dispose of an Asset

  • General procedures for disposal of unwanted and/or obsolete goods
  • Scientific Equipment Disposal Procedures
  • Other Asset Disposal Procedure

Buy Servers

  • General procedures

Do Business with McGill

  • General information
  • General rules and exceptions under Act C-65.1
  • Tender evaluation methods
  • Withdrawal of a proposal by the supplier
  • Mutual agreement valued over $25,000
  • Supplier Performance Evaluation


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