Major Program Course Listing

Required Courses Course Title Credits
PHGY-209 F Mammalian Physiology 1
PHGY-210 W Mammalian Physiology 2
PHGY-212 F Introductory Physiology Lab 1
PHGY-213 W Introductory Physiology Lab 2
BIOL-200 F Molecular Biology
BIOL-201 W OR Cell Biology & Metabolism
BIOC-212 W Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function
BIOL-202 W Basic Genetics
CHEM-212 F/W Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM-222 F/W Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM-203 F OR Survey of Physical Chemistry
CHEM-204 F/W OR Physical Chemistry/Biological Sciences 1
BIOC-312 W (taken in U2/U3) Biochemistry of Macromolecules
PHGY-311 F Channels, Synapses & Hormones 3
PHGY-312 W Respiratory, Renal, & Cardiovascular Physiology 3
PHGY-313 W Blood, Gastrointestinal, & Immune Systems Physiology 3
PHGY-314 F Integrative Neuroscience 3
BIOL-301 F/W Cell & Molecular Laboratory 4
BIOC-311 F Metabolic Biochemistry 3
ANAT-214 F OR Systemic Human Anatomy 3
ANAT-261 F OR Introduction to Dynamic Histology 4
ANAT-316 Human Visceral Anatomy 3
BIOL-373 F OR Biometry 3
BIOL-309 F OR Mathematical Models in Biology 3
COMP-202 F/W OR Foundations of Programming 3
COMP-250 F/W OR Introduction to Computer Science 3
PSYC 305 F/W Stats for Experimental Design 3
Upper Level Physiology (ULP) courses  
9 credits selected from the following Upper-Level-Physiology (ULP) courses:  
PHGY-425  Analyzing Physiological Systems 3
PHGY-451  Advanced Neurophysiology 3
PHGY-488  Stem Cell Biology  3
PHGY-502  Exercise Physiology 3
*PHGY-461D1 Experimental Physiology 4.5
*PHGY-461D2 Experimental Physiology 4.5
*the 9 credit course equals 3 credits of ULP and 6 credits of electives   
PHGY-508  Advanced Renal Physiology 3
PHGY-513  Cellular Immunology 3
PHGY-515  Physiology of Blood 1 3
PHGY-516  Physiology of Blood 2 3
PHGY-518  Artificial Cells 3
PHGY-520  Ion Channels  3
PHGY-524  Chronobiology 3
PHGY-531  Topics in Applied Immunology 3
PHGY-550  Molecular Physiology of Bone 3
PHGY-552  Cellular and Molecular Physiology  3
PHGY-556  Topics in Systems Neuroscience  3
PHGY-560  Light Microscopy for the Life Sciences 3
BIOL-532 Developmental Neurobiology Seminar 3
BMDE-505 Cell and Tissue Engineering 3
BMDE-519 Biomedical Signals and Systems  3
EXMD-502 Advanced Endocrinology 1 3
EXMD-503 Advanced Endocrinology 2 3
EXMD-506 Advanced Applied Cardiovascular Physiology   3
EXMD-507 Advanced Applied Respiratory Physiology 3
EXMD-508 Advanced Topics in Respiration 3
MIMM-414 Advanced Immunology 3
MIMM-509 Inflammatory Process 3
PSYC-470 Memory and Brain 3
PSYT-500 Advances: Neurobiology of Mental Disorders 3
Upper Level Science (ULS) courses  
6 credits selected from the following Upper-Level  Science (ULS) courses:   

Note: For BIOC, CHEM, COMP, MATH, MIMM, NEUR, PATH, PHYS select from all courses 300 level

and above and for ANAT, BIOL, EPIB, EXMD, PHAR, PSYC and PSYT select from ULS courses listed below

**All 396 research courses in any Department do not count towards ULS requirements


ANAT-321 Circuitry of the Human Brain 3
ANAT-322 Neuroendocrinology 3
ANAT-365 Cellular Trafficking 3
ANAT-381 Basis of Embryology 3
ANAT-416 Development, Disease, Regeneration 3
ANAT/BIOC-458 Membranes & Cellular Signaling 3
ANAT-541 Cell & Molecular Biology 3
ANAT-542 Transmission Electron Microscopy 3
ANAT-565 Diseases-Membrane Trafficking 3
BIOL-300 Molecular Biology of the Gene 3
BIOL-303 Developmental Biology 3
BIOL-309 Mathematical Models in Biology 3
BIOL-313 Eukaryotic Cell Biology 3
BIOL-314 Molecular Biology of Oncogenes 3
BIOL-324 Ecological Genetics 3
BIOL-370 Human Genetics Applied 3
BIOL-373 Biometry 3
BIOL-389 Laboratory in Neurobiology 3
BIOL-416 Genetics of Mammalian Development 3
BIOL-518 Eukaryotic Cell Genetics 3
BIOL-520 Gene Activity in Development 3
BIOL-524 Topics in Molecular Biology 3
BIOL-532 Developmental Neurobiology Seminar  3
BIOL-544 Genetic Basis of Life Span 3
BIOL-551 Molecular Biology: Cell Cycle 3
BIOL-568 Topics in the Human Genome 3
BIOL-575 Human Biomedical Genetics 3
BIOL-588 Molecular/Cellular Neurobiology 3
CHEM-214 Physical Chemistry/Biological Sciences 2 3
EPIB-501 Population Health and Epidemiology 3
EXMD-401 Physiology and Biochemistry Endocrine Systems 3
EXMD-502 Advanced Endocrinology 1 3
EXMD-503 Advanced Endocrinology 3 3
EXMD-504 Biology of Cancer 3
EXMD-506 Advanced Applied Cardiovascular Physiology 3
EXMD-507 Advanced Applied Respiratory Physiology 3
EXMD-508 Advanced Topics in Respiration 3
EXMD-510 Bioanalytical Separation Methods 3
NEUR-310 Cellular Neurobiology 3
PHAR-503 Drug Design and Development 1 3
PHAR-504 Drug Design and Development 2 3
PHAR-562 General Pharmacology 1 3
PHAR-563 General Pharmacology 2 3
PSYC-302 The Psychology of Pain 3
PSYC-311 Human Cognition and the Brain 3
PSYC-317 Genes and Behaviour 3
PSYC-318 Behavioural Neuroscience 3
PSYC-342 Hormones and Behaviour 3
PSYC-410 Special Topics in Neurophysiology 3
PSYC-427 Sensorimotor Behaviour 3
PSYC-470 Memory and Brain 3
PSYC-522 Neurochemistry and Behaviour 3
PSYC-526 Advances in Visual Perception 3
PSYT-500 Advances: Neurobiology of Mental Disorders 3
Note: Students may opt to replace 3 credits of the 6 credits of Upper Level Science with 3 credits
selected from the following list:
PHIL-341 Philosophy of Science 3
PHIL-343 Biomedical Ethics 3
REDM-410 Writing Science Articles 3
COMP-364 Computer Tools for Life Science 3

Total Credits 64/65 (68/69)