Honours Program Course Listing

Required Courses Course Title Credits
PHGY-209 F Mammalian Physiology 1 3
PHGY-210 W Mammalian Physiology 2 3
PHGY-212 F Introductory Physiology Lab 1 1
PHGY-213 W Introductory Physiology Lab 2 1
BIOL-200 F Molecular Biology 3
BIOL-201 W OR Cell Biology & Metabolism 3
BIOC-212 W Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function 3
BIOL-202 W Basic Genetics 3
CHEM-212 F/W Organic Chemistry 1 4
CHEM-222 F/W Organic Chemistry 2 4
CHEM-203 F OR Survey of Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM-204 F/W OR Physical Chemistry/Biological Sciences 3
BIOC-312 W (taken in U2/U3 Biochemistry of Macromolecules 3
PHGY-311 F Channels, Synapes & Hormones 3
PHGY-312 W Respiratory, Renal, & Cardiovascular Physiology 3
PHGY-313 W Blood, Gastrointestinal, & Immune Systems Physiology 3
PHGY-314 F Integrative Neuroscience 3
BIOL-301 F/W Cell & Molecular Laboratory 4
BIOC-311 F Metabolic Biochemistry 3
ANAT-261 F Introduction to Dynamic Histology 4
PHGY-351 W Research Techniques in Physiology 3
PHGY-359 D1 Tutorial in Physiology .5
PHGY-359 D2 Tutorial in Physiology .5
PHGY-459 D1 Physiology Seminar 3
PHGY-459 D2 Physiology Seminar 3
PHGY-461 D1 Experimental Physiology 4.5
PHGY-461 D2 Experimental Physiology 4.5
BIOL-373 F OR Biometry 3
BIOL-309 F OR Mathematical Models in Biology 3
COMP-202 F/W OR Foundations of Programming 3
COMP-250 F/W OR Introduction to Computer Science 3
PSYC-305 F/W Stats for Experimental Design 3
Upper Level Physiology (ULP) courses  
6 credits selected from the upper-level Physiology (ULP) course list as follows:  
PHGY-425  Analyzing Physiological Systems 3
PHGY-451  Advanced Neurophysiology 3
PHGY-488  Stem Cell Biology  3
PHGY-502  Exercise Physiology 3
PHGY-508  Advanced Renal Physiology 3
PHGY-513  Cellular Immunology 3
PHGY-515  Physiology of Blood 1 3
PHGY-516  Physiology of Blood 2 3
PHGY-518  Artificial Cells 3
PHGY-520  Ion Channels  3
PHGY-524  Chronobiology 3
PHGY-531  Topics in Applied Immunology 3
PHGY-550  Molecular Physiology of Bone 3
PHGY-552  Cellular and Molecular Physiology  3
PHGY-556  Topics in Systems Neuroscience  3
PHGY-560  Light Microscopy for the Life Sciences 3
BIOL-532 Developmental Neurobiology Seminar 3
BMDE-519 Biomedical Signals and Systems  3
BMDE-505 Cell and Tissue Engineering 3
EXMD-502 Advanced Endocrinology 1 3
EXMD-503 Advanced Endocrinology 2 3
EXMD-506 Advanced Applied Cardiovascular Physiology   3
EXMD-507 Advanced Applied Respiratory Physiology 3
EXMD-508 Advanced Topics in Respiration 3
MIMM-414 Advanced Immunology 3
MIMM-509 Inflammatory Process 3
PSYC-470 Memory and Brain 3
PSYT-500 Advances: Neurobiology of Mental Disorders 3

 Total Credits: 75 (79)