Residents Leadership Guide

Thanks to an initiative led by former Pediatric Chief Resident, Esli Osmanlliu, our residents have developed and maintained a Resident Leadership Guide, which both highlights and encourages the involvement of residents in the multitude of committees and activities that occur in our hospital and training program.

2020-2021 Resident Leadership Guide

Resident Awards

The Residency Program Committee (RPC) implemented multiple Resident Awards in 2017. The awards are based on the CanMEDs roles and are given out at the annual graduation ceremony. The awards are voted on by all residents and faculty in the Department of Pediatrics. For a list of recipients, please visit Program Awards.

Focusing on Wellness and Resiliency

The Pediatrics residency program is committed to resident wellbeing. Our aim is to support residents in being mindful and compassionate people and healthcare providers. By providing formal teaching, spaces for guided reflection, venues to recognize the value of residents and opportunities to forge a sense of belonging and engagement we aim to create a culture that allows our program to achieve this goal.

Under the leadership of Dr. Olivia Tse, Director of Pediatrics Resident Mindfulness and Compassion Education, our General Pediatrics Core Residency Program has implemented innovative ways to foster the resilience of our residents and promote their well-being. These include supporting active and resident-led wellness and social committees, implementing a formal practice around debriefing critical events in the hospital, and implementing a comprehensive mindfulness and compassion curriculum in our Academic Half-Day. This curriculum includes workshops on ‘Awareness’, ‘When things go wrong,’ and ‘Burnout’ as well as regular balint-like reflective sessions whereby residents debrief events that occur in practice. This curriculum is also complemented by regular ‘ice-cream rounds’ led by the McGill PGME Well Office.

For the General Pediatrics Core Residency Program Resident Wellness Policy or the PGME Wellness Policy please visit Policies, Procedures and Resources.

Mentorship and Careers

Under the leadership of Dr. Annie Sbrocchi and Dr. David Zielinski, our program has established a formal Mentorship Program in which every resident identifies and meets with a mentor who shares similar clinical, personal, and/or academic interests with them. Through events like the Mentorship Mingle, this program has helped bring residents and faculty together to the benefit of all involved. Topics discussed during mentorship meetings include career counseling, resident well-being and lifelong learning.

In 2020-2021, Dr. Holly Agostino will be taking over leadership of this dossier. In addition to continuing our highly successful mentorship program, Dr. Agostino will be developing and implementing a diverse career counseling curriculum. This curriculum will have various tracts designed to support residents with varied career aspirations (e.g., general pediatrics, subspecialty pediatrics, critical care) as well as those planning to work within Canada and those who will be returning to their sponsoring countries after the completion of their residency.

Global Child Health Program

The Department of Pediatrics' Global Child Health Program is led by a multi-disciplinary steering committee wishing to expand the Montreal Children’s Hospital’s (MCH) involvement in global health activities. Learn more.

H-KAP Fellows

The Helen Karounis Agora Program (H-KAP) is an innovative Departmental initiative designed to engage retired faculty in the educational mission of the Department. The General Pediatrics Residency program has greatly benefited from this initiative with H-KAP Fellows participating in Chief of Service Rounds, Academic Half-Day teaching, program OSCEs and direct observations of resident performance.

Resident Research Days

In 2019-2020, we implemented Research Days for residents which has been approved for piloting by the Pediatrics Residency Program Committee after broad consultation with residents, rotation coordinators (circulated and discussed at the October 2019 Rotation Coordinators Meeting) and other pediatrics training programs across Canada. The goal of this initiative is to help residents successfully complete their scholarly projects during their residencies by providing them with some additional protected time. The initial pilot period was from period 8 to period 13. Due to COVID-19, the pilot project has been extended to December 31, 2020. A decision on full implementation will be made by the RPC prior to that time.

For more information please see Research Days (pdf).

Simulation and Technology-Enabled Education Curriculum

In 2020-2021, the Pediatrics Residency program will be focusing on optimizing the use of simulation and technology. A faculty lead and resident champion will be selected and a subcommittee of the RPC will be created. Please check back for more details in Fall 2020.

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