Education & Training

The Department of Pediatrics contributes to health professions education in the discipline of Pediatrics at all levels of learning including undergraduate medical education students, training postgraduate medical education residents and fellows, and continuing education of faculty through Faculty Development and Continuing Professional Development.

New and Ongoing Educational Initiatives

Education and training in the Department of Pediatrics is lead by the Associate Chair of Education.

Associate Chair [Education], Dr. Laurie Plotnick

The mandate and responsibilities of the Associate Chair (Education) derives from the Department’s essential academic mission to train the current and next generation of physicians, through excellence and leadership, to help children and families maintain health and well-being despite illness. The Department of Pediatrics is committed to maintaining the highest quality educational programs that are reflective of current needs and educational practices, as well as fostering innovation and scholarship in medical education and promoting shared efficiencies and insights amongst the educator community.