Adolescent Medicine

Offers services to adolescents with gynecological issues, complex health issues, eating disorders as well as providing services for adolescent parents and their babies (if followed during pregnancy in the Gynecology Program).

Division Members

Dr. Julius Erdstein
Division Director

Dr. Giuseppina Di Meglio
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Holly Agostino
Dr. Franziska Baltzer
Dr. Suzanne MacDonald
Dr. David Martens
Dr. Diane Munz

Associate Members:
Dr. Katherine Maurer, Ph.D.

Dr. Pierre-Paul Tellier

Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology

Allergy & Immunology specializes in the assessment and management of anaphylaxis, food allergies, asthma, seasonal and perennial rhinitis, reactions to insect stings, drug allergies, eczema (atopic dermatitis), chronic uticaria, immune deficiencies autoimmune diseases, and periodic fevers.

Dermatology has traditionally been a busy service averaging 7000 patient-visits per year in their outpatient services. The team also responds on a daily basis to urgent and semi-urgent consultations from the ER, wards and or other outpatient clinics. Four half-day general pediatric dermatology clinics take place per week.

Specialty Clinics include: Hemangioma Clinic, Genetic Skin Disease Clinic, Joint Rheumatology-Dermatology Clinic, Café-au-Lait Clinic, Facial Warts Clinic, Molluscum Clinic and Dermatological Surgery Clinic.

They evaluate and mange a wide range of dermatological conditions, the most common being atopic dermatitis (eczema), acne vulgaris, infantile hemangiomas, vitiligo and psoriasis. They are also able to access a variety of birth marks and skin tumors or nevi. Skin infections (tinea, impetigo, molluscum, facial warts) are also an object of frequent referrals. They have the expertise to diagnose and treat rarer dermatological conditions and rashes including disorders of the hair and nails, genetic skin conditions and rhumatological conditions such as morphea or lupus. As a service within a tertiary care academic center, they offer cutting edge treatments such as propranolol for hemangiomas, but also still employ older proven remedies like tropical corticosteroids. They administer phototherapy treatments to selected cases and perform minor surgical excisions under local anesthesia when indicated.

Division Members

Dr. Christine McCusker
Division Director

Dr. Reza Alizadehfar
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan
Dr. Fatemeh Jafarian
Dr. Allison Kukhta
Dr. Christine Lejtenyi
Dr. Audrey Lovett
Dr. Bruce Mazer
Dr. Elaine Medoff
Dr. Barbara Miedzybrodzki
Dr. Francisco Noya
Dr. Marie-Noël Primeau
Dr. Karen Sigman

Associate Members:
Dr. Marilyn Desjardins, M.D.


The pediatric cardiology evaluates and treats newborns, infants and children with congenital or acquired heart disease including arrhythmias. The team also provides a consultation service for fetal cardiac problems. The Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) offers the latest diagnostic methods and technological modalities including fetal echocardiography, trans-thoracic and trans-esophageal echocardiography, cardiac MRI, diagnostic and interventional heart catheterization and electrophysiology.   Eleven half-day patient ambulatory clinics are offered weekly, including a newborn baby clinic for prompt assessment of newborn murmurs. The MCH is linked to the provincial telehealth network, and offers cardiac consultation services including echocardiography via telemedicine to the other 35 members of the network.

Division Members

Dr. Adrian Dancea
Division Director

Dr. Maria de Tiscar Cavallé-Garrido
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Marie J. Béland
Dr. Luc Jutras
Dr. Wadi Mawad
Dr. Claudia Renaud

Dr. Charles Rohlicek

Pediatric Critical Care

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) offers state-of-the-art care using a multidisciplinary team approach for critically ill or injured neonates, children and adolescents. The unit is a major provincial, national and international referral center.

Services include complex congenital cardiovascular surgery, seizure and tumor neurosurgery, craniofacial reconstruction, complex orthopedic surgery, tracheal reconstructive surgery, level 1 trauma, extracorporeal life support, high frequency ventilation, nitric oxide program, and solid organ transplantation.

The majority of the trainee's clinical exposure will be at the Montreal Children's Hospital multidisciplinary (medical-surgical , cardiac) Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, with elective opportunities in Cardiology, Anesthesia, Neonatology, Echocardiography, Radiology, Cardiac OR, EEG, Palliative Care, and Adult and Neuro Critical Care. Residents are also integrated into the Level 1 trauma response team, and function as leaders of the Resuscitation Team. We have an active extracorporeal life support program including Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, Extracoporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Ventricular Assist Devices. Weekly divisional rounds include trainee, attending and consultant presentations and also sessions in Bioethics, Applied Physiology, ECG, Pharmacology, Manager and Communicator, Bedside Ultrasound, Interdisciplinary Quality and Safety reviews, Clinical Questions and Journal Clubs. The curriculum is well supported by an international expertise in medical education by several of the faculty in the Division.

A wide breadth of research opportunities exists within the Division of Pediatric Critical Care for scholarly activity including clinical research, quality improvement and medical education care throughout the McGill University Health Centre Research Institute (MUHC RI). Our Pediatric Critical Care Scholarly Program includes a formal curriculum covering concepts of epidemiology/biostatistics, and training on protocol development, data collection/analysis, manuscript writing, and academic presentations under the supervision of an epidemiologist. Trainees participate in weekly divisional Research rounds.

Trainees will also develop expertise in Medical Simulation at state-of-the art McGill Medical Simulation Centre and during in situ SIM training. Our Pediatric Critical Care Simulation Program includes sessions on clinical management (Trauma and Cardiac cases), airway management, procedural skills, communiation, and team building.

Trainees participate in hospital/level trauma, airway and code orange simulations.

The program director runs an organized program that is flexible to meet each trainee's needs. Each resident is assigned a faculty advisor.

The program has a strong national and international reputation and participation which enhances learning for all.

An informative video can be viewed here : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9qieg3pjsfzuv/Videos

Division Members

Dr. Saleem Razack
Division Director


Dr. Samara Zavalkoff
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Farhan Bhanji
Dr. Tanya Di Genova
Dr. Patricia Fontela
Dr. Ronald Gottesman
Dr. Pramod Puligandla
Dr. Sam Shemie
Dr. Davinia Withington

Associate Members:
Dr. Franco Carnevale
Dr. Janet Rennick

Emergency Medicine

A multidisciplinary team provides specialized acute health care to triage, stabilize, diagnose, treat and transfer patients onward for further care. The department is a designated Pediatric and Adolescent Trauma Centre and is open 24 hours a day providing diagnosis and treatment of surgical "Tertiary Trauma Centre" and is opened 24 hours a day providing diagnosis and treatment of surgical emergencies such as dental, ophthalmological, otolaryngological, orthopedic, plastic surgery, general surgical, neurosurgical and urological. The department specializes in minor and major trauma management.  Facilities include 13 individual treatment rooms, 4 beds for critical care, an 8 bed observation unit and a 6-patient asthma care area. A full staff of pediatric emergency physicians, nurses and pediatric sub-specialists is on service around the clock providing care and consultations to the community.

Division Members

Dr. Harley Eisman
Division Director

Dr. Laurie Plotnick
Associate Division Director

Dr. Raphaël Paquin
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Ilana Bank
Dr. Manon Boutin
Dr. Adam Bretholz
Dr. Brett Burstein
Dr. Dominic Chalut
Dr. Audrey Dadoun
Dr. Tanya Di Genova

Dr. Dubravka Diksic
Dr. Sasha Dubrovsky
Dr. Tamara Gafoor

Dr. Anne-Marie Gosselin
Dr. Ilana Greenstone
Dr. Philip Hedrei
Dr. Samir Hussain

Dr. Elene Khalil
Dr. Caroline Ouellet
Dr. Raphaël Paquin

Dr. Jade Séguin
Dr. Eva Soos-Kapusy
Dr. Jessica Stewart
Dr. Jennifer Turnbull
Dr. Suzanne Vaillancourt

Associate Members:
Dr. Isabelle Gagnon, P.T., Ph.D.
Dr. Brian Greenfield

Dr. Michael Kramer
Dr. Betty Zylbergold


Provides care through a multidisciplinary team approach for children with disorders such as juvenile diabetes, slowed of abnormal growth, precocious or delayed puberty, thyroid gland dysfunction, diabetes insipidus, hypoglycemia, lipid and metabolic bone disturbances, and tumors of endocrine glands.

The division offers endocrine and diabetes clinics, an insulin pump center, a lipid clinic, a weight management clinic for pathological obesity and a clinical investigation unit for urgent consultation as well as hormone testing and follow-up. The Department of Endocrinology is a member of the Quebec Thyroid Screening Program.

Division Members

Dr. John Mitchell
Division Director

Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy
Residency Training Program Director
Undergraduate Medical Education Director

Dr. Robert Barnes
Dr. Helen Bui

Dr. Laurent Legault
Dr. Meranda Nakhla
Dr. Constantin Polychronakos
Dr. Julia von Oettingen

Associate Members:
Dr. Cynthia Goodyer, Ph.D.
Dr. Loydie Majewska, Ph.D.
Dr. Frank Rauch, Ph.D.
Dr. David Rosenblatt, Ph.D.
Dr. Rima Rozen, Ph.D.
Dr. Aimee Ryan, Ph.D.
Dr. Jaquetta Trasler, M.D., Ph.D.

Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Provides diagnosis, treatment and long-term follow-up of children with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the pancreas, the liver and biliary tree. Provides outpatient consultation in general GI, hepatology, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Celiac Disease, and motility, as well as inpatient GI consultations.  Procedures available include upper and lower endoscopies, wireless capsule endoscopies, and pH-probe monitoring.

Division Members

Dr. Terry Sigman
Division Director

Dr. Najma Ahmed
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Sylviane Forget
Dr. Dominique Lévesque
Dr. Véronique Morinville
Dr. Ana Sant'Anna
Dr. Ernest Seidman

General Pediatrics

The Division of General Pediatrics includes 56 full and part-time consultant pediatricians, who provide services through the Asthma Centre, the ADHD Program, the Child Development Program, the Child Protection Program, the Pediatric Consultation Centre, the Complex Care Service, the Residency Continuity Clinic, the Medical Day Hospital, the Medical Inpatient Units, the Short Stay Unit, the Multicultural Health and Adoption Clinic, the Palliative Care Program, and the Pediatric Medical Consultation Service.

For more information about services please visit the Division of General Pediatrics page.

Division Members

Dr. Geoffrey Dougherty
Division Director

Dr. Robert Sternszus
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Olivia Tse
Residency Training Program Associate Director

Dr. Holly Agostino
Dr. Manon Allard
Dr. Louise Auger
Dr. Rislaine Benkelfat

Dr. Margaret Berry
Dr. Laurel Chauvin-Kimoff
Dr. Evelyn Constantin
Dr. Carl Cummings
Dr. Mylene Dandavino
Dr. Mary Decell
Dr. Alexander Dubrovsky
Dr. Jae-Marie Ferdinand
Dr. Emmett Francoeur
Dr. Shuvo Ghosh
Dr. Andreea Gorgos
Dr. Anne Marie Goyette
Dr. Richard Haber
Dr. Catherine Henin
Dr. Christos Karatzios
Dr. Nadine Korah
Dr. Jocelyn Lavigne
Dr. Patricia Li
Dr. Stephen Liben
Dr. Suzanne Malaab
Dr. Pierre Marin
Dr. Catherine Millar
Dr. Gillian Morantz
Dr. Johanne Morel
Dr. Diane Munz
Dr. Catherine Nolin

Dr. Francisco Noya
Dr. Kim-Anh Nguyen
Dr. June Ortenberg
Dr. Hema Patel
Dr. Gary Pekeles
Dr. Chi-Minh Phi
Dr. David Rabin
Dr. Harold Rich
Dr. Paul Rossy
Dr. Elisa Ruano-Cea
Dr. Earl Rubin
Dr. Linda Samotis
Dr. Ana Sant'Anna
Dr. Kent Saylor
Dr. Anne-Marie Sbrocchi

Associate Members:
Dr. Benjamin Burko
Dr. Estelle Chétrit
Dr. Delphine Collin-Vézina
Dr. Samuel Freeman
Dr. Tania Giannnone

Dr. Lucyna Lach
Dr. Mary Ellen MacDonald
Dr. Michael MacKenzie
Dr. Kim-Anh Nguyen

Dr. Robert Platt
Dr. Denise Keiko Shikako Thomas


Diagnostic, treatment, long-term follow-up, and family-centered care is provided to children and adolescents with cancer through an interdisciplinary team approach.  As such, the department provides the most advanced clinical care through clinical research.  It is a founding member and active participant of the Children's Oncology Group, the world's largest childhood cancer research organization.

The service offers diagnostic and comprehensive treatment for children with sickle cell disease and other blood disorders including hemophilia and thalassemia, leukemias, solid tumors, and brain tumors. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantations are performed for specific cancers, leukemias, inborn errors such as immunodeficinecies and rare metabolic disorders. Clinical hematology laboratory and molecular services are an integral component of the service.

Division Members

Dr. David Mitchell
Division Director

Dr.  Surabhi Rawal
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Sharon Abish
Dr. Josée Brossard
Dr. Aida Daoud
Dr. Kolja Eppert
Dr. Catherine Goudie

Dr. Nada Jabado
Dr. Surabhi Rawal

Dr. Vicky Scholten
Dr. Jitka Stankova
Dr. Blair Whittemore

Associate Members:
Dr. Janusz Rak

Infectious Diseases

Provides consultation service in all aspects of infectious diseases including significant viral, bacterial and fungal infections. the division specializes  in the areas of infection control, immunological aspects of infectious diseases and microbial pathogenesis of disease.  The division is actively involved in vaccine trials and other aspects of clinical research.

Division Members

Dr. Earl Rubin
Division Director

Dr. Jane MacDonald
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Christos Karatzios
Dr. Marie-Astrid Lefebrve
Dr. Francisco Noya
Dr. Jesse Papenburg

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is composed of a multidisciplinary team including neonatologists, pediatricians, neonatal nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers and consultants who treat acutely ill newborn infants (premature infants and term infants with serious medical and surgical disorders). Patients are transferred from other nurseries across Quebec.

Division Members

Dr. Thérèse Perreault
Division Director

Dr. Daniel Faucher
Associate Program Director

Dr. Julie Bartholomew
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Gabriel Altit
Dr. Louis Beaumier
Dr. Marc Beltempo
Dr. Robert Brouillette
Dr. Victoria Bizgu
Dr Élise Couture
Dr. Sabrina Furtado
Dr. Andreea Gorgos
Dr. Richard Gosselin
Dr. Elizabeth Hailu
Dr. May Khairy
Dr. Louise Koclas
Dr. Lajos Kovacs
Dr. Nina Nouraeyan
Dr. Kim-Anh Nguyen
Dr. Francois Olivier
Dr. Apostolos Papageorgiou
Dr. Kathryn Paquette
Dr. Ermelinda Pelausa
Dr. Michelle Pepin
Dr. Michelle Ryan
Dr. Guilherme Sant Anna
Dr. Wissam Shalish
Dr. David Waxman
Dr. Pia Wintermark

Associate Members:
Dr. Marie Brossard-Racine, OT,Ph.D.


The Division of Pediatric Nephrology has a well-established 2-year Pediatric Nephrology Residency Training Program, which strives for excellence in clinical care, teaching and research. It is fully accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and recognized by the American Board of Pediatrics. In addition, there is the option of a non-obligatory third-year, in-depth clinical or research fellowship.

Consultation and clinical care for a wide variety of genetic and acquired kidney diseases and electrolyte disorders are offered by the renal ambulatory and interdisciplinary clinics 4-5 mornings per week as through the inpatient service. The latter includes pediatric wards, pediatric critical care and neonatal intensive care units across the MUHC and the Rheumatology and Hematology/Oncology services. We regularly confer with physicians locally, nationally and internationally. We maintain Outreach Clinics across the McGill Health Network (Réseau universitaire intégré de santé) and other parts of Quebec and use the hospital's advanced Telehealth facilities to serve patients in remote Northern communities.

In addition to common problems, such as urinary tract infection and hypertension, we diagnose and treat a range of rare conditions originating from or affecting the kidney. We perform percutaneous kidney biopsies and continuous ambulatory blood pressure monitoring along with specialized treatments, including conventional and advanced extracorporeal therapeutic modalities, such as hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), plasma and red blood cell exchange, renal transplantation and therapeutic monoclonal antibody infusions for various forms of acute or chronic kidney disease.

The Division provides Pediatrics Nephrology rotations to qualified pediatric and medical residents, medical students and (adult) Nephrology residents as well as research opportunities. All of our faculty are involved in teaching Epidemiology and Statistics, Renal Physiology, Genetics or Biology at McGill University and internationally.

Pediatric Nephrology faculty have their own externally funded basic research laboratories or clinical research program investigating various aspects of kidney disease with financial support by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the NIH and the International Society of Nephrology.

Division Members

Dr. Bethany Foster
Division Director

Dr. Indra Gupta
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Lorraine Bell, Director of the Kidney Transplantation Program
Dr. Beth Foster
Dr. Paul Goodyer, Director of the Renal Genetics Clinic

Dr. Marie-Michele Goudreault-Tremblay


Provides tertiary level care or above for children with challenging and complex neurological conditions. Inpatient consultation services are provided on a 24/7 basis to all areas of the MCH including the Emergency Room, intensive care units and wards, both medical and surgical. Ambulatory services are provided through initial consultation, and where necessary, on an ongoing basis to the following categories of neurological illness: epilepsy or convulsive disorders that are not related to fever; neurodevelopmental disabilities (i.e. global developmental delay, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, developmental language impairment); neuromuscular disorders; headaches refractory to initial standard prophylaxis management; complex movement disorders (i.e. dystonia, chorea,  athetosis, ataxia, spasticity, tremor) requiring medical intervention; neurogenetic, neurometabolic and neurocutaneous disorders; demyelinating disorders; and high risk survivors of the NICU and PICU.

Division Members

Dr. Guillaume Sébire
Division Director

Dr. Maryam Oskoui
Associate Division Director

Dr. Elisabeth Simard-Tremblay
Residency Training Program Director


Dr. Geneviève Bernard
Dr. Marie-Emmanuelle Dilenge
Dr. Gaeton Filion, Physiatry
Dr. Genevieve Legault
Dr. Kenneth Myers
Dr. Chantal Poulin
Dr. Michael Shevell, Chair-Pediatrics
Dr. Elizabeth Simard-Tremblay
Dr. Myriam Srour

Associate Members:
Dr. Annette Majnemer, OT,Ph.D., FCAHS
Dr. Aparna Suvrathan, PAD
Dr. Michele Larose, Psychiatry

Respiratory Medicine

The division has an active ambulatory component, including the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Clinic, Chest Clinic, Consultation Clinic, Tuberculosis Prophylaxis Program, Neuromuscular Clinic, Apnea Clinic, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Clinic, Infantile Respiratory Clinic and Home Ventilation Clinic.  It also provides bronchoscopy service to both ambulatory and inpatients. Telehealth services available on demand. Respiratory  Therapy, the Jeremy Rill Centre for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the Sleep Laboratory and Pulmonary Function Laboratory are part  of Respiratory Medicine.

Division Members

Dr. Larry Lands
Division Director

Dr. David Zielinski
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Anne-Marie Canakis
Dr. Aurore Côté
Dr. Lianne Kopel
Dr. Adam Shapiro

Associate Members:
Dr. Nurlan Dauletbayev


The Rheumatology service at the MCH was started in the 1970s by Dr. Hannah Straczynski. Over the years, the division expanded under the direction of Dr. Julie Paquin and Dr. Ciaran Duffy.  The division focuses on clinical care, teaching of postgraduate students, and clinical research. Currently, Dr. Claire LeBlanc is the director of the Rheumatology division.

Children are seen in one of the Rheumatology clinics. Each physician has their own clinic time but they also take part in combined clinics with other services in the hospital such as  Orthopedics, Nephrology and Dermatology. Pediatric rheumatology services are also provided at the Shriners Hospital (a half day clinic every month), and at Hôpital Val d'Or for the RUIS Abitibi-Temiscamingue (two clinic days every three months). Dr. Claire LeBlanc also runs a sport medicine clinic outside the Montreal Children's Hospital (one-two half day clinics every month).

The Division provides comprehensive services for children with rheumatic diseases. They will see and evaluate children with musculoskeletal pain, fever of unknown origin or other inflammatory conditions. Most of the services are provided through outpatient clinics. They also provide care to children who are admitted to the hospital as well as those who come to the Emergency room.

The main diseases treated are juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), connective tissue diseases (such as lupus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis), systemic vasculitis (such as Kawasaki disease), and periodic fever syndromes. Dr. LeBlanc also sees children with sport-related conditions.

Division Members

Dr. Claire LeBlanc
Division Director

Dr. Sarah Campillo
Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Gaëlle Chédeville
Dr. Rosie Scuccimarri

Charlene Hopper, N.C.
Gillian Taylor, CNS
Sultana Mirza
Virginia Allen
Irene Papaspyros