Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism

The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism provides care through a multidisciplinary team approach for children with disorders such as type 1 and 2 diabetes, slowed abnormal growth, precocious or delayed puberty, thyroid gland dysfunction, diabetes insipidus, hypoglycemia, lipid and metabolic bone disturbances, and tumors of endocrine glands.

The Division offers endocrine and diabetes clinics, including specialization in insulin pumps, a bone clinic, a weight management clinic for pathological obesity and collaborates with the Pediatric Day Center unit for urgent consultation as well as hormone testing and follow-up. The Division is a member of the Quebec Thyroid Screening Program.

History and Milestones

The Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism has been active for decades, providing care to children with a variety of endocrine and metabolic problems. About half of the patients we see are children with type 1 diabetes who require insulin by injection or pump therapy.

Other major categories of health problems we treat are disturbances of growth and pubertal development, thyroid problems and dysfunction of the adrenal or pituitary glands. In addition to providing care to our patients, we pursue our educational goals by training medical students and new pediatric endocrinologists for future careers in Canada and abroad, by proving continuous education to community physicians and by doing research into the genetic causes of diabetes, bone health and related matters.


  • Camp Carowanis: All trainees in pediatric endocrinology have the opportunity to spend some time at Camp Carowanis, a sleep away camp for children with type 1 diabetes. Here they are in immersed in an environment where they learn day-to-day management of diabetes, managed by either injections or the insulin pump. There are often research projects that take place at the camp, which provide them with an insight into ongoing collaborations and progress in technology.
  • Haiti: One of our division members, Dr. Julia Von Oettingen, specializes in global health and has created a teaching program for Haitian medical students and trainees in pediatric endocrinology. There are opportunities for our trainees to travel to Haiti to provide teaching sessions. Some of our former trainees have collaborated on research in this educational project.
  • Community clinics: our Division not only provides care to patients who come to the Montreal Children's Hospital, we also do outreach clinic‘s within the Montreal community. Our trainees accompany us to many of these clinics.
  • Opportunities for external electives: we are very open to external electives for our trainees, in order to cater their learning to their particular interests. For example, former trainees have trained at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in order to gain expertise in hypoglycemia and in San Francisco in order to develop expertise in gender identity.

Division Members

Dr. Robert Barnes
Dr. Helen Bui, Residency Program Director
Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy
Dr. Laurent Legault, Division Director
Dr. Angeliki Makri
Dr. John Mitchell
Dr. Meranda Nakhla, Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Julia von Oettingen
Dr. Constantin Polychronakos
Dr. Frank Rauch, Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Anne Marie Sbrocchi

Associate Members
Dawn Davis, Social Worker
Helene Dubois, Diabetes Secretary
Nancy Dumouchel, Clinical Nurse, Certified Diabetes Instructor
Sandra Kambites, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Maude Lafontaine Hebert, Nutritionist
Lisa Piperno, Nutritionist
Catherine St-Gelais, Clinical Nurse Specialist


Contact Us

Division Director

Dr. Laurent Legault

Postgraduate Medical Education

Residency Program Director
Dr. Helen Bui

Academic Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Julia Von Oettingen

Pediatric Metabolic and Genetic Bone Disorders Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Frank Rauch

Administrative Staff

Residency Program Coordinator
Progadmin-pedsendo.pediatrics [at]

MUHC Administrative Assistant
rita.biancospino [at] (Rita Biancospino)

MUHC Medical Secretary
diane.langford [at] (Diane Langford)
514-412-4400 ext. 22482

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