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As part of Canada’s oldest and most renowned medical school, McGill’s Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Office is a rich multicultural and bilingual learning environment where all trainees can become accomplished physicians and surgeons.

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We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where all feel welcomed, respected and safe. As members of the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, this is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Resident and Fellow Appreciation Day

Resident and Fellow Appreciation Day

Friday, February 23 is Resident & Fellow Appreciation Day in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Thank you to all our residents and fellows for everything they do for their patients, their peers and for their medical teams!

Congratulations to Jana Lyn Taylor and Victoria Aspasia Mandilaras, winners of 2022 PGME Program Director Awards

2022 cohort of medical residents: 515 residents from Quebec, Canada and abroad, with 234 international medical graduates


 Specialty and subspecialty accredited programs

 Specialized clinical and clinical research training

Dr. Regina Husa, Associate Dean

With over 75 accredited residency programs and more than 250 post-residency fellowship programs, McGill PGME provides the clinical and academic expertise to allow you to go on to deliver the very best patient-centred care and research.


Elizabeth M. Hazel, MDCM
Appointed Assistant Dean, Competency‐Based Medical Education, PGME

Joanne Alfieri, MDCM, MMEd
Appointed Assistant Dean, Curricula,

Leon Tourian, MD
Appointed Assistant Dean, Fellowships,

Key Resources

Key Dates for admissions deadlines and RAMQ funded extensions of training.

Resident Portal for McGill Registration, Seminar & Workshop Registration, Virtual Training Cards, Letters of Standing and Job Offers and/or McGill Support Letters.


Office of Medical Learner Affairs

Medical residents

The School of Medicine Office of Medical Learner Affairs is dedicated to supporting learners throughout their training by promoting and sustaining a culture of wellness and resilience within the learning environment.

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