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Postgraduate Medical Education,
Professional and Inter-Hospital Affairs

Associate Dean - Dr. Regina Husa [at]

Assistant Dean, PGME - Dr. Leon Tourian   leon.tourian [at]

Associate Director Operations, PGME - Alessandra Celani

6332 alessandra.celani [at]
Advisor to Associate Dean – Tina Russo 2318 tina.russo [at]

Assistant to the Associate Dean  - Gabrielle Liounis

2644 [at]


Admissions Manager - Dolly Rabbath 8264 [at]

Admissions Administrator - Lisa Campbell

1655 [at]

Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator - Bianca Chiocchio

5703 [at]

Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator - Mathushni Suntharam


ext 084193 [at]
Admissions Administrator - TBD   fellowshipspg.fmhs [at]


Student Affairs Officer – Nafeesa Durgahed

6574 [at]

Student Affairs Administrator - Ewa Sieminska 8777 [at]

Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator - Min Seok Kim

5719 [at]

Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator - Sahar Rasooli

5733 [at]

Data Processing Coordinator - Franceen Lenoff

5673 [at]

Faculty Postgraduate Promotions Committee

Chair- Dr. Douglass Dalton 2318 douglass.dalton [at]
Student Affairs Administrator- Lina Marino 2318 [at]

Medical Education

Assistant Dean, PGME- Dr. Leon Tourian   leon.tourian [at]
Assessment Lead- Carlos Gomez-Garibello, PhD 438-880-0096 carlos.gomez-garibello [at]
Assistant Dean Faculty Development (Patient Safety Lead)- Mark Daly 2318 mark.daly [at]
PGME Education Enhancement Office - Mara Kontopoulos 3516 [at]
Student Affairs Administrator- Lina Marino 1458 [at]
Student Affairs Administrator- Lisa Bartczak   cbme.pgme [at]

Medical Education Systems

Associate Director- MedEd Systems- Peter Imperioli   peter.imperioli [at]
Project Management Office- Julia Pennimpede 3126 julia.pennimpede [at]
Customer Support Manager- Jean-François Gravel 5504 jf.gravel [at]
One45 Customer Support [at]
eLearning [at]
Business Intelligence & Analytics [at]

Slate Support- Marcia Cajado   marcia.cajado [at]


Assistant Dean, Accreditation - Dr. Gabriela Ghitulescu


gabriela.ghitulescu [at]

Accreditation Officer, PGME – Samantha Taran 514-944-9765

samantha.taran [at]

Accreditation and Quality Improvement Administrator - Bruna Salhany 1764 [at]

Distributed Medical Education

Director - Dr. Dominique Archambault

1700 [at]

Officer -  Samantha Hanley

5666 [at]

Administrator - Sylvie Gravel

1700 [at]

Student and Resident Affairs

Assistant Dean, Resident Professional Affairs- Dr. Olivia Tse 5836 olivia.tse [at]
Administrative Coordinator WELL Office- Susan Begg Halbert 5836 thewelloffice [at]
WELL Office- Wellness Consultant- Lisanne Tremblay, M.A., c.o., Psychotherapist (OCCOQ/OPQ)   lisanne.tremblay [at]
WELL Office- Wellness Consultant- Lauren Buchardt, M.A., c.o.   lauren.buchardt [at]
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