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PGME Advisory CommitteeThe Advisory Committee is the Associate Dean’s executive-level committee. It is a subcommittee of the Faculty Postgraduate Education Committee (FPGEC). Acting in an advisory capacity, it provides high-level executive review of policies, procedures, and other educational matters prior to their referral to the Faculty Postgraduate Education Committee (FPGEC, a voting committee composed of all Program Directors), for review and ultimate ratification.

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PGME Resource Allocation Committee: The Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) provides guidance and support to the Associate Dean, PGME in matters pertaining of requests for additional allocation budgets for residency and fellowship programs.

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Faculty Postgraduate Promotions Committee: The Faculty Postgraduate Promotions Committee (FPPC) is a decision-making body, mandated by the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education to interpret and apply the program’s Assessment and Promotion Regulations, duly established by the Postgraduate office and the Deanery. This is a standing committee which reports to the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME).
The mandate of the FPPC is to review all the remediation, probation and dismissal files in PGME. One of the primary roles of this Committee is to monitor the assessment and promotion process, and to ensure that that McGill’s policies and procedures for assessment and promotion are applied in an equitable and transparent manner to all residents and AFC trainees.

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