"Welcome to PGME at McGill University."

As one of the top programs in North America, we are committed to providing an outstanding experience to medical doctors who wish to apply for an accredited residency program or a post-residency fellowship.

With over 70 residency programs and more than 220 fellowship programs, McGill is one of the leading medical research universities in Canada, and is renowned internationally. Our vision is to build healthier societies through education, discovery, collaboration and clinical care, and our goal is to prepare the next several generations of doctors and clinician-scientists for rewarding careers. 

To achieve this, we offer enriching clinical experiences, and place special emphasis on curriculum design and program evaluation, including online modules. As a McGill resident or fellow, you have the opportunity to learn within a network of major teaching hospitals and institutes – at the McGill University Health Centre, the Jewish General Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute – where you are exposed to a range of learning environments. Contractually and traditionally, the administration, health care staff and scientific personnel at these sites are closely tied with the University and considered an integral part of McGill’s academic mission.

Just as the health of society drives us to pursue excellence, the well-being of our residents and fellows is a priority. With a full-time wellness consultant on staff, our goal is to provide support, as needed, throughout your time with us.

As one of the richest multicultural communities in the world, Montreal is a vibrant city. The cosmopolitan character influences the academic landscape of our University, and this diversity in and of itself is an important strength for McGill. Our mission, vision and values are aligned with our mandate to be socially accountable, and to ensure that our programs are reflective of the populations that we serve.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Armand Aalamian, MDCM, CCFP, FCFP
Associate Dean
Postgraduate Medical Education & Professional Affairs