Pediatric Cardiology

Inspired by the illustrious heritage of Maude Abbott, renowned cardiac pathologist and one of founders of our discipline, the Division of Pediatric Cardiology is proud to be one of the first in Quebec and Canada. Since inception, we have cultivated a culture of innovation as demonstrated by a number of notable ‘’firsts’’:

  • First heart catherization in Canada in 1946 done by Dr. Arnold Johnson.
  • First interventional heart catherization in Canada in 1966 (balloon atrial septostomy) done by Dr. James Gibbons.
  • First congenital cardiac MRI program established in Quebec (1994).
  • First percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation in Montreal (2007).

Since the early 2000’s our Cardiac Team has been motivated by the vision of specialized cardiac care integrated seamlessly across the age continuum, from fetal life to adulthood. Following our pivotal move to the Glen site we are now in prime position to bring to reality our aspirations by strengthening our collaboration with our partners within the Adult mission, be it the Maternal Fetal Medicine Program or the McGill Adult Unit for Congenital Heart Disease (MAUDE).

The Division also hosts a Royal College Accredited Training Program in Pediatric Cardiology as well as two McGill accredited fellowships in advanced training (Cardiac Imaging and Interventional Cardiology).

Clinical Services

The hub of our outpatient activities is the Cardiology Center, situated on the ground floor of the Montreal Children's Hospital, a state of the art clinical and diagnostic platform capable of addressing our patients’ needs in an efficient and safe fashion. In this setting we provide every year over 4000 outpatient visits (consultations and follow-ups), 6000 echocardiograms, 6000 ECGs as well as a number of other non-invasive electrophysiology procedures.

Our expertise is critical to many other areas of inpatient activity throughout the hospital such as, to name only a few, the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units, the cardiac operating room and the inpatient pediatric units (wards).

Our team also provides a wide variety of specialized cardiac services including heart catherizations and structural interventions, invasive electrophysiology procedures and ablations, fetal cardiac echocardiograms and consultations and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

Finally, in partnership with our colleagues from CHUS Fleurimont we staff outreach clinics for our patients from Northern Québec.

Division Members

Dr. Adrian Dancea, Division Head and Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Marie Béland, Retired, H-KAP Fellow
Dr. Tiscar Cavalle-Garrido, Director of Training Program, Education Lead and Fetal Cardiology
Dr. Luc Jutras, Cardiac MRI and Fetal Cardiology
Dr. Guillaume Leclair
Dr. Charles Rohlicek, Research
Dr. Claudia Renaud, Fetal Cardiology and Heart Transplantation
Dr. Wadi Mawad, Research, Fetal Cardiology and Cardiac MRI
Dr. Sylvia Abadir, Invasive Electrophysiology
Michelle Zegray, RN, Cardiology Nurse
Marie-Josée Guy, RN, Cardiology Nurse


Contact Us

Division Director

Dr. Adrian Dancea

Postgraduate Medical Education

Residency Program Director
maria.cavalle-garrido [at] (Dr. Tiscar Cavallé-Garrido)

Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program Director
adrian.dancea [at] (Dr. Adrian Dancea)

Advanced Training in Pediatric Cardiac Non-Invasive Imaging Fellowship Program Co-Directors
maria.cavalle-garrido [at] (Dr. Tiscar Cavallé-Garrido)
Dr. Luc Jutras

Administrative Staff

Residency Program Coordinator
programadmin.pedscardio [at]

MUHC Administrative Assistant
mary.serravalle [at] (Mary Serravalle)
514-412-4400 ext. 23191

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