Infectious Diseases

The Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases is one of the busiest consulting services at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH), responding to a wide range of consults from all areas of the in-patient services as well as out-patient clinics. The MCH has every subspecialty represented, and the in-patients includes both bone marrow and solid organ transplant recipients, a very large neonatal intensive care unit and a very active pediatric intensive care unit from which many consults originate, as the patients are at increased risk of infection. In addition, there are a multitude of specialties that now use newer biologic therapies that also put patients at increased risk for infection.

The Division is fortunate to have seven dedicated physicians, not to mention 1.5 full time infection control practitioners. Of the physicians, 3/7 are duo certified in Medical Microbiology and play an active role in the MUHC Microbiology laboratory, 6/7 are actively involved in Antimicrobial Stewardship, 2/7 lead the group that looks after children exposed and infected with HIV, 2/7 oversee the Infection Control and Prevention program for the MCH, and 1/7 is duo certified and plays an active role in the division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.

Division Members

Dr. Christos Karatzios
Dr. Marie-Astrid Lefebrve
Dr. Jane McDonald
Dr. Francisco Noya
Dr. Jesse Papenburg, Residency Program Director
Dr. Earl Rubin, Division Director
Dr. Marina Salvadori

Associate Members
Heidi Sleno, RN, Infection Control Practitioner
Michal Stachura, RN MSC(A), Infection Control Practitioner

Contact Us

Division Director

Dr. Earl Rubin

Postgraduate Medical Education

Residency Program Director
Dr. Jesse Papenburg

Administrative Staff

Program Coordinator
residency.medmicro [at]
514-340-8222 ext. 28196

MUHC Administrative Assistant
lucia.donofrio [at] (Lucia D'Onofrio)

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