Educational Initiatives

Educational Innovations

Helen Karounis Agora Program (H-KAP) launched in the 2018-2019 academic year. H-KAP Fellows have been actively involved in pediatric teaching and assessments such as H&Ps, Chief of Service, direct observations, ECG Rounds and infection control sessions.

The Pediatric Simulation Committee, led by Dr. Ilana Bank, has been actively developing the department’s simulation program. The IPS will include a procedural skills simulation room, storage for the simulation equipment and an administrative area.

Pediatric training programs implemented the CBME/CBD framework July 2019. A CBD Curriculum and Assessment Steering Committee to ensure that all Department faculty/trainees are trained was formed and a development plan was created for the transition process to the CBME/CBD curricular framework.

Over 2018 & 2019 significant advances in improving the website are being made to optimally showcase the Departments members, initiatives and successes. The revamped website will be a critical element in our enhanced strategy for trainee recruitment.

A cross-divisional orientation was created for incoming subspecialty trainees based on an identified need by Program Directors. The inaugural Orientation Bootcamp was held in July 2019 and includes a hospital tour, pharmacy session, charting at the Montreal Children's Hospital, and communication skills.

Installation of high resolution cameras permitted observation of residents remotely which increased faculty participation and improved the authenticity of assessments. In 2018, non-R3 H&Ps were run at the SIM Centre using Standardized Patients to optimize faculty participation & avoid challenges of patient “no-shows”.

The first cohort of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) students in Quebec began their clinical rotations in June 2019 and will participate in complex care, general medical in-patient ward, PICU, cardiology, respirology, gastroenterology, nephrology, infectious disease, neurology, and hematology-oncology.

Centralization of information related to departmental CPD activities is underway. A CPD website with CPD activities as well as healthcare professional resources such as medical protocols, parent education pamphlets, recordings of Grand Rounds is expected to launch in 2019.

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