Centre for Pediatric Simulation

Improving patient care: one simulation at a time

Pediatric Simulation Group at the Montreal Children's Hospital

Medical education is the cornerstone of improving patient care. With increasing complexity of patient care, and increasing demands on healthcare providers, medical educators require new and innovative methods to engage learners. Simulation has become an integral part of many medical curricula and has been demonstrated to improve patient safety, staff safety and ultimately improve patient care outcomes.

The Centre for Pediatric Simulation is a visionary team of health care professionals with the following vision and mission.

Vision: Improving patient care, one simulation at a time.

Mission: Our mission is to provide inter-professional simulation activities that help our teams deliver safer, high-quality patient care. We aim to innovate, disseminate broadly in a scholarly manner, and build a "just culture" for patient safety.

The Pediatric Simulation Team hopes to increase and optimize department-wide simulation activities and to help each division with the following:

  1. Establish the needs of the target audience
  2. Develop objectives that complement the needs of the target audience
  3. Design the simulation aspects of a course/workshop/educational session
  4. Determine what equipment is required and facilitate retrieval (mannequins, task trainers, iPad systems...)
  5. Determine required space
  6. Implement the educational event
  7. Creation of the session evaluation tool

Booking a Pediatric Simulation-Based Educational Session

Scheduling of educational activities and events must be done by completing a Session Form. Booking a simulation-based educational activity is a three -step process.

Step one: In order to facilitate the planning of your learning activity, please complete Session Form A.
Depending on where you intend to hold the learning activity forward the completed form to the following coordinator:

MCH In-situ: mchsimadm [at] gmail.com / 514-228-4444 #242
Shriners In-situ / Shriners Simulation Center: sdelisle [at] shriners.mcgill.ca / 514-282-8259

Step two: The Simulation Coordinator will contact you to confirm the date time of your booking.

Step three: Then once the date and time are confirmed you will be asked to complete Session Form B.

Any changes or corrections required for any session must be made in writing and require submitting a second form detailing the changes being requested. Please note “Change” or “Correction” or “Cancellation” in the Course Title.

If you have any questions about the process please contact the Simulation Coordinators.

Pediatric Simulation Team

Dr. Ilana Bank, Chair of Committee
Dr. Zahra'a Al-lawati
Dr. Alexandre Deragon
Dr. Rachel Fisher
Dr. Richard Gosselin
Dr. Nadine Korah
Dr. Marisa Leone
Dr. H.P. Lily Nguyen
Dr. Jean Ouellet
Dr. Catherine Paquet
Dr. Margaret Ruddy

Dr. Ilana Bank
Diretor of the Centre for Pediatric Simulation

John Batt | pedscoms.med [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator
514-412-4400 ext. 23405



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