Leadership and Administration

Associate Chair (Education)

Dr. David Zielinski, MD, FRCPC, FCCP

The Associate Chair [Education] mandate derives from the Department's essential academic mission to train the current and next generation of physicians, through excellence and leadership, to help children and families maintain health and well-being despite illness. The Department of Pediatrics is committed to maintaining the highest quality educational programs that are reflective of current needs and educational practices, as well as fostering innovation and scholarship in medical education and promoting shared efficiencies and insights amongst the educator community.

Specific advisory, and when necessary, operational challenges include and are not limited to the following:

  1. Enhancement of an existing socially responsive undergraduate curriculum in Pediatrics that is aligned with the overall objectives of the Faculty MDCM program.
  2. Enhancement of postgraduate and advance postgraduate [fellowship] programs in pediatrics that are competitive at a national and international level.
  3. Alignment of Divisional education missions and goals with those of the Department's educational mission and goals with increased transparency and accountability of the Department's education mission, vision and values.
  4. Enrichment of Pediatrics-related continuing professional development (CPD) activities directed at physicians in practice with the explicit goals of:
    1. Maintaining and advancing competency
    2. Increasing the Department's exposure and profile in the local and provincial professional community
    3. Developing a CPD model that will allow cost-recovery and possibly revenue-generation to further support educational initiatives
    4. Encouraging inter-Divisional collaboration
  5. Promotion and development of internal faculty development of Departmental members.
  6. Support and promote a respectful, responsive, and engaging work and learning environment that is technology-enabled which takes maximal advantage of advances in technology to facilitate learning.
  7. Development of an inter-professional educational program with fellow health professionals involved in child health care delivery.
  8. Expansion of simulation-based learning within the Department directed at all levels of learners and pediatric health care professionals.
  9. Promotion and support of scholarship innovation and knowledge translation in medical education which includes allocation of educationally-related funds.
  10. Chair of the Departmental Education Leadership Committee (DELC) which leads the coordination, synchronization, expansion and development of Departmental educational efforts.
  11. Identification and integration of educational innovations that will result in improved clinical outcomes.
  12. Membership in the Department's Executive Committee providing input that reflects the educational community and mandate.
  13. Representation of Chair in his/her absence, when so delegated.

It is to be expected that to meet the above operational challenges close interaction will be necessary with ongoing existing leadership in undergraduate medical education and postgraduate medical education that respects current responsibilities and leadership styles, as well as with leaders within the Faculty of Medicine, Close interaction is also anticipated with Associate Chairs for clinical operations, outreach, and the Vice-Chair.

Inaugural Wendy MacDonald Chair in Pediatric Medical Education

Dr. Ronald Gottesman, MD CM, FRCPC, FAAP, FCCM

The Wendy MacDonald Chair is dedicated to medical education in Child Health within the Department of Pediatrics and the Centre for Medical Education.

Announcement - Appointment of Wendy MacDonald Chair, August 2017

Division Education Leaders

The Education Leader of each division of the Department of Pediatrics is the main contact person for cross-cutting Departmental educational initiatives and activities. This role includes assuring that there is timely bidirectional communication between the Leader's division and the members of the Department of Pediatrics Educational Leadership Committee (DELC) members related to both the Division's and Department's educational activities.

The Division Education Leader is expected to:

  • Communicate and collaborate with the Associate Chair of Education and DELC members to help implement Department-wide educational activities, innovations and policies.
  • Recruit teachers/supervisors from the Division for Department-wide educational activities e.g. outpatient clinical supervision of students, OSCEs, STACERs, Pediatric Academic Half Days, Card Case sessions.
  • Liaise with Department of Pediatrics Director of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to streamline Division's CPD activities and align with the Department's CPD strategies
  • Liaise with Department of Pediatrics Director of Simulation to streamline subspecialty-related simulation-related activities and align with Department's Simulation strategies.
  • Be familiar with the Department's educational strategic plan and goals.
  • Attend Division Education Leader committee meetings which will occur 3-4 times per year and will be chaired by the Associate Chair of Education.
  • Communicate and collaborate with his/her divisional members (including the division's Resident Rotation Coordinator and Program Director) to:
    • Identify educational needs of the Division that require support from and/or collaboration with the Department Education Leaders.
    • Communicate Department-wide educational strategies and initiatives to divisional members, e.g. Department's educational strategic plan and goals.
    • Coordinate training of divisional members with respect to new Department-wide educational initiatives ex. Competence-by-Design, mid-rotation feedback.

Division Education Leaders:

Adolescent Medicine - suzanne.macdonald [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Suzanne MacDonald)
Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology - karengsl [at] netscape.net (Dr. Karen Sigman)
Cardiology - tiscarcavalle [at] gmail.com (Dr. Tiscar Cavalle-Garrido)
Critical Care - ronald.gottesman [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Ronald Gottesman)
Emergency Medicine - raphael.paquin [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Raphael Paquin)
Endocrinology - preetha.krishnamoorthy [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy)
General Pediatrics - elisa.ruanocea [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Dr. Elisa Ruano Cea)
Gastroenterology - terry.sigman [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Terry Sigman)
Hematology-Oncology - catherine.vezina [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Catherine Vezina)
Infectious Diseases - chris.karatzios [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Christos Karatzios)
Neonatology - richard.gosselin [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Richard Gosselin)
Nephrology - lorraine.bell [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Lorraine Bell)
Neurology - chantal.pouin [at] hotmail.com (Dr. Chantal Poulin)
Respiratory Medicine - anne-marie.canakis [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Anne-Marie Canakis)
Rheumatology - rosie.scuccimarri [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Dr. Rosie Scuccimarri)

Department Educational Leadership Committee

The Department Educational Leadership Committee (DELC) is a standing committee of the Department of Pediatrics whose purpose is to lead the coordination, synchronization, expansion and development of the Departmental educational efforts, incorporating a cross-cutting and interprofessional approach.

Past Initiatives

  • Update of education information of the Department of Pediatrics website
  • Development of a departmental mistreatment algorithm (since been replaced by the Faculty-wide approach)
  • Educational grants and small funds competition
  • Health professions education rounds

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Division Education Leaders
  • Updated selection process for Alan Ross Bursary Award and Clinical Bursary Award in Pediatrics recipients
  • Department of Pediatrics educational strategic plan including strategic goals
  • Patient partnership in educational initiatives
  • Process for faculty recruitment for resident learning and assessment activities

Department Educational Leadership Terms of Reference

Dr. David Zielinski, DELC Chair
peds.admin [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Michelle Kim), Senior Administrative Coordinator

DELC Members:
Dr. David Zielinski, Chair
Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy, Pediatrics UGME Director
Dr. Evelyn Constantin, Pediatrics Residency Training Program Director
Dr. Elisa Ruano Cea, Pediatrics Residency Training Assistant Program Director
Dr. Ilana Bank, Director of Simulation Centre
Dr. Terry Sigman, Director of Continuing Professional Development
Eren Alexander, Nurse educator representative
Dr. Tiscar Cavalle-Garrido, Subspecialty Physician representative
Dr. Lucyna Lach, Interprofessional representative
Dr. Ronald Gottesman, Wendy MacDonald Chair

Goldbloom Fellows

Goldbloom Fellows are community-based pediatricians who provide important preceptorship and guidance to our Pediatric trainees through their involvement in our Resident Continuity Clinic. Rather than placing this clinic within a tertiary hospital setting, it was felt important to replicate as best as possible the feel and experience of a community-based practice by having the clinical opportunity within community practice locales.

The name of the Fellows is in recognition of Alton Goldbloom, a prior Chair and Chief of the Department of Pediatrics and his sons Richard and Victor, who were all community-based pediatricians who each left an enormous legacy to child health in Canada.

2021-2022 Fellows

Dr. Jesus Ardila
Dr. Silvana Barone
Dr. Gabrielle Bibas
Dr. Shirley Blaichman
Dr. Estelle Chétrit
Dr. Samantha Dankoff
Dr. Geoffrey Dougherty
Dr. Samar El Tarazi
Dr. Julie Hébert
Dr. Maya Leitner
Dr. David Rabin
Dr. Vicki Scholten
Dr. Marcel Sévère
Dr. Edmond Shahin
Dr. Jessica Yeates
Dr. Theresa Zhou

Past Goldbloom Fellows are listed on the Honours and Awards, under the Department of Pediatrics section.

Program Directors

Dr. Giuseppina Di Meglio Adolescent Medicine
Dr. Reza Alizadehfar Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Tiscar Cavalle Pediatric Cardiology 
Dr. Tanya Di Genova Pediatric Critical Care
Dr. Shuvo Ghosh Developmental Pediatrics
Dr. Raphael Paquin Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Helen Bui Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dr. Najma Ahmed Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Dr. Evelyn Constantin, Program Director
Dr. Elisa Ruano Cea, Assistant Program Director
General Pediatrics Core Residency Program
Dr. Surabhi Rawal Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Dr. Jesse Papenburg Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Dr. Nina Nouraeyan Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Dr. Marie Michèle Gaudreault-Tremblay Pediatric Nephrology
Dr. Genevieve Legault
Dr. Ken Myers
Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Anne-Marie Canakis
Dr. Lianne Kopel
Pediatric Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Sarah Campillo Pediatric Rheumatology
Dr. Fatemeh Jafarian Allergy, Immunology & Dermatology Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship
Dr. Adrian Dancea Cardiology Pediatric Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Tiscar Cavalle
Dr. Luc Jutras
Cardiology Advanced Training in Pediatric Cardiac Non-Invasive Imaging
Dr. Ronald Gottesman Critical Care Advanced Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine - Clinical
Dr. Patricia Fontela Critical Care Advanced Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine - Research
Dr. Meranda Nakhla Endocrinology and Metabolism Academic Pediatric Endocrinology
Dr. Frank Rauch Endocrinology and Metabolism Pediatric Metabolic and Genetic Bone Disorders
Dr. Mylene Dandavino General Pediatrics Academic Pediatrics
Dr. Geoffrey Dougherty
Dr. Gillian Morantz
General Pediatrics Social Pediatrics
Dr. Hema Patel General Pediatrics Clinical Complex Care
Dr. Shuvo Ghosh Developmental Pediatrics Gender Variance
Dr. Elise Couture Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Neonatal Follow-Up
Dr. Gabriel Altit Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Neonatal Hemodynamics Clinical Research
Dr. Marc Beltempo Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Scholar
Dr. Indra Gupta Nephrology Academic Pediatric Nephrology (Inactive)
Dr. Bradley Osterman Neurology EEG/Epilepsy
Dr. Myriam Srour Neurology Pediatric Neurogenetics
Dr. Hugh McMillan
Dr. Maryam Oskoui
Neurology Pediatric Neuromuscular
Dr. Larry Lands Respiratory Medicine Pediatric Respirology Research
Dr. Gaelle Chedeville Rheumatology Advanced Pediatric Rheumatology

Administrative Excellence Centre #9

The Administrative Excellence Centre (AEC) is responsible for delivering expert services to the Departments of Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, and Obstetrics & Gynecology regarding Academic Affairs, Human Resources and Finance.

The AEC assists the Chairs and offers support to Faculty members in areas such as recruitment and re-appointments, immigration and work permits, performance management, and promotion and tenure. Moreover, as it pertains to Student Affairs, the AEC is responsible for supervising the work done by Program Administrative Coordinators to ensure that all the administrative tasks pertaining to Residency Training Programs are executed according to accreditation standards.

The Associate Director of AEC 9 acts as a strategic partner to the Department Chairs. The Associate Director provides leadership, organization and direction in development to her assigned Departments as well as identifying and promoting best practices and procedures to ensure efficiency and compliance.

For a list of AEC 9 administrators please visit ​Contact Us.

Program Coordinators

Program Coordinator assignments and/or emails may be modified.

General Pediatrics Core Residency Tedeschi, Alessandra pediatrics-residency.med [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
General Pediatrics Fellowships Rosarini, Gaby pediatrics-residency2.med [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Adolescent Medicine Bentivegna, Angie programadmin.adomed [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Developmental Pediatrics Preziosi, Belinda peds.admin2 [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Slovick, Tamara tamara.slovick2 [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Email)
Cardiology Batt, John programadmin.pedscardio [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Batt, John programadmin.pedsallergy [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Critical Care Viglione Adamidis, Melissa (temporary) programadmin.picu [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Emergency Medicine Batt, John pediatric-emergency.med [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Endocrinology and Metabolism Viglione Adamidis, Melissa programadmin.pedsendo [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Gastroenterology and Nutrition Bentivegna, Angie programadmin.pedsgastro [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Hematology-Oncology Rosarini, Gaby admin-hemonc.peds [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Infectious Diseases Tieng Ting, Cher Hem-Medmicro-ID [at] jgh.mcgill.ca (Email)
Nephrology Viglione Adamidis, Melissa programadmin.pedsnephro [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Neurology Brown, Kelly (AEC 1) residency.pedsneurology [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Respiratory Medicine TBC programadmin.pedsresp [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
Rheumatology Viglione Adamidis, Melissa programadmin.pedsrheum [at] mcgill.ca (Email)
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