Geoff Dover

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Associate Professor

Geoff Dover
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geoffrey.dover [at]

Department of Exercise Science, Concordia University
Richard J. Renaud Science Pavillion, 7141 Sherbrooke St. West, Room SP 165
H4B 1R6

Associate Professor Certified Athletic Therapist and a Certified Athletic Trainer
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Clinical Science
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The Athletic Therapy Research Laboratory.
The focus of our lab is to evaluate the kinetic and kinematics variables in humans. We evaluate healthy subjects as well as injured patients undergoing treatment. We assess strength, range of motion, and performance in various populations. In addition we measure pain and psychological responses to pain and injury. Some of the equipment we currently use includes a Kin-Com isokinetic dynamometer, algometry, and EMG analysis.


Geoff Dover is a Certified Athletic Therapist and a Certified Athletic Trainer. After earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph he completed his Athletic Therapy training at Sheridan College. He then earned his master�s degree and PhD at the University of Florida. For the last three years Dr. Dover was the director of the Graduate Athletic Training program at the University of Florida before starting his position here at Concordia in 2008.
My research interests include implementing a novel biopsychosocial model that considers the potentially interactive roles played by psychological and functional risk factors in the development of chronic shoulder pain. Chronic pain is a prevalent, disabling, and costly problem for our society. Clinical outcomes following treatment of shoulder disorders are often unfavourable and, as a result, shoulder pain represents a significant source of chronic disability. My research attempts to determine the risk factors that lead to increased pain perception and decreased function in a variety of populations.

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