The Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit

Message from the Director

May 1st 2024

The Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit has a long rich history in the treatment of pain, in the education of pain medicine, and in pain research. Our walls, lectures, and awards honor the legacies of pain pioneers like Melzack, Stratford and Gamsa who built the foundations of this unit. I am immensely proud to have stepped in last May to be the current Director.

Chronic pain is a multifaceted challenge for individuals, family members and health professionals alike. It is crucial that we support each other through difficult times, share our successes, and seek innovative and collaborative solutions.

I invite you to discover the people who comprise our Unit, meet the patients who inspire and lead us, hear the stories that inform us, and support the advances that we are making in understanding chronic pain. It is with small steps that we continue down the path that was forged long ago when Melzack and Wall changed the way in which we think about pain.

Please join us, support us and work with us to brighten the future for those who live with pain,

Mark Ware






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