This workshop is a series of free online capsules geared towards individuals providing support and care for someone living with chronic pain.

and focuses on:

  1. Providing information on chronic pain and suffering to better guide and accompany your loved one on their pain journey
  2. Introducing effective tools to better help and communicate with your loved one suffering from chronic pain
  3. Introducing ways to care for yourself while supporting and caring for others

Upon completion of the workshop, we encourage you to share your feedback with the AEPMU team by completing this evaluation form:


Capsule 1: Introduction

  • Who is the workshop for?
  • Introductory remarks on the general objectives of capsules 2 to 5








Capsule 2: Understanding mind-body connections in chronic pain

  • Understand the difference between acute and chronic pain states
  • Understand and recognize the importance of the biopsychosocial model in the management of chronic pain
  • Discuss the goals of the AEPMU in decreasing the burden of pain




Capsule 3: A rollercoaster ride: Emotions in chronic pain

  • Understand and recognize the unpleasant emotions involved in the experience of chronic pain
  • Understand and recognize the unpleasant emotions involved when caring for a loved one with chronic pain






Capsule 4: Strategies to better support your loved ones

  • Learn ways in which you can best support your loved one in chronic pain
  • Identify communication strategies that will help you recognize the needs of your loved one while also respecting your own boundaries






Capsule 5: The importance of self-care when caring for others

  • Recognize the importance of self-care among individuals providing care and support to loved ones with chronic pain
  • Identify three strategies to promote self-care 






Erika Gentile is a pain researcher and doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at McGill University, with an added specialization in neuropsychology. Erika has and continues to receive multidisciplinary training in both psychotherapy and neuropsychological services from various different sites, including the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit. During her time at the AEPMU (2021-2022), she provided individual and group therapy services to patients suffering from chronic pain.


Erika Nolan is a PhD candidate at McGill University in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Neuropsychology. Erika completed her internship within the psychology unit at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit in 2021-2022 where she provided psychological support in the form of individual therapy and group therapy to numerous patients through their pain journey. 
















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