Our clinical education programmes  aim to promote and enhance the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for treating pain, and to raise awareness of the crucial need for pain and suffering to be adequately treated.

Interdisciplinary team work, the core of clinical practice in the Pain Program, is central to our educational and training activities. Because every doctor and most other health-care providers will encounter pain in their practice, our educational activities target a comprehensive range and level of current and future practitioners:

o    Undergraduate Students (medical, allied health, dentistry)

o    Graduate Students

o    Residents

o    Fellows (World-wide)

o    Practicing Physicians

o    Pain Program Staff

o    Pain specialists from other hospitals

Programmes at all training levels include:

• Observation of different professionals interviewing and treating patients

• Supervised patient interviews

• For more advanced trainees, treating patients under supervision

• Participating in treatment planning

• Presenting cases

• Attending and participating in clinical case discussions

• Academic Rounds

In addition to educating trainees, the clinical staff participates in multiple educational activities. We also lead the development of pain education in the McGill curriculum and in the local community.

Pain Program staff are also involved in giving clinical talks, lectures, and workshops to educate health-care professionals, medical students, and the public outside of our clinical setting, locally and at National and International conferences.