Welcome to MIIE

Welcome to MIIE

McGill University’s International Institute of Education operates within the Faculty of Education, specializing in the professional development of educators. MIIE is a global learning classroom – one that is rich in its diversity and flexible in its accessibility. 

MIIE courses foster best practices and help educators develop necessary skills to prepare their students for the challenges of the 21st century. Content and delivery are oriented towards stimulating curiosity, innovation, resilience, adaptability, and technological proficiency.


Professional Development

MIIE specializes in the professional development of educators, providing them with tools to prepare students for 21st century challenges.

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Student Academies

MIIE offers academies for high school students, upon requests from education institutions. Subjects covered include sciences, general humanities, medicine, English, and other customized topics.


Customized Courses and Programs

MIIE also offers customized development courses, tailored to the exclusive issues facing various levels of academic professionals from around the globe.

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