Credits & Cost

Credits & Cost

Course Credits

Some courses at the McGill University International Institute of Education carry a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) rating, a measure of the number of hours of participation—contact and/or study—in an organized Continuing Education activity.

What is a CEU?

A CEU is a Continuing Education Unit (CEU). One Continuing Education Unit represents ten hours of participation in an accredited continuing education program. CEUs are not equivalent to academic credits. These courses do not count toward the fulfillment of an academic program.

Most MIIE courses are taught over two days and are worth 2 CEUs. Our Course Design and Teaching Development workshop is taught over 5 days and worth 4.5 CEUs. In order to complete the Professional Development Certificate in Global Trends in Education, you must obtain a total of 12 CEUs from the list of approved courses.

Are CEUs equivalent to credits?

No. CEUs are not equivalent to academic credits.

How do I track my courses and credits?

MIIE students can view their completed courses a credit through on their transcript, accessible through Minerva, using the McGill ID number and email address assigned to you upon registration.

Do CEUs count toward other certificates?

The CEUs accumulated following the completion of a short course will not be recognized by any other McGill or University Departments, or toward any other McGill certificate.

However, should you require the accumulation of CEUs toward the maintenance of your status in a professional federation or association, you may request that they recognize these courses.

What happens once I've completed a course?

Following the successful completion of your short course, you will receive an attestion of participation/certificate of completion.

Should you have taken a course for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), this will be reflected in your certificate of completion.

Should you complete the full Professional Development Certificate in Golbal Trends in Education, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate from McGill University highlighting the full CEU accumulation.

Cost: Groups

Group-based registration limits interactive workshops or courses to 60 participants.
For more information please contact us at: [at] (subject: Interest%20in%20Group%20courses%20at%20MIIE)

Cost: Individuals

Individually-based registration requires a minimum of 20 participants who enroll in the program individually and receive CEUs upon the successful completion of the training program.
For additional information please contact us at: [at] (subject: Interested%20in%20your%20on%20location%20MIIE%20courses)


Registration fees include:

› Design/delivery of instruction for the duration of the course;
› Materials (in English);
› Refreshments during the instructional event;
› Parchment;
› Instructor travel, accommodation and subsidence;

› Liability insurance;
› Evaluation and monitoring;
› Indirect costs;
› Follow-up consultation with the instructor (maximum of
   5 additional hours).




*Registration fee does not include expenses related to venue or translation.


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