Our Expertise

MIIE course design workshop


Drawing on its extensive network of a world renowned faculty, alumni and international partners, its programs, courses and workshops are targeted for teachers, post-secondary educators, trainers and educational leaders who want to make a difference in their field. 

Professional Development

  • Diverse learners and learning needs
  • Teaching and learning processes, methods, and pedagogies
  • Use of advanced technologies in teaching and learning
  • Program architecture, course, and curriculum design
  • Assessment of learning
  • Physical education
  • Teacher education content
  • Faculty development
  • Needs assessment and program evaluation
  • School and academic leadership and change management


  • Teacher education teaching methods
  • Teaching English as a second or foreign language
  • Science, math, and art education
  • Pedagogical skills for university teachers
  • Graduate supervision and professional identity development


  • Psychological processes for academic success (social, cognitive and emotional development, motivation, self-regulation, and resilience)
  • Diverse and inclusive education (autism and autism spectrum disorders adaptive functioning of at risk students; diverse learning including first nations and indigenous students)
  • Advanced technologies, blended, and on-line learning and assessment

Social Context

  • Activism and social justice
  • Gender and youth culture
  • Social media

Health and Wellness

  • Physiological, neuromechanical, and behavioural mechanisms of health, obesity, disability, and disease across the lifespan
  • Mental health and counselling psychology
  • Maladaptive behaviours (cyber-bullying, youth gambling, lying, self-harm, and suicide)
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