Education for Mental Health Resilience Program

Published: 5 Oct 2020

MIIE Launches its First Virtual Summer Academy

On August 10, 2020, the McGill International Institute of Education in cooperation with the Experimental School Affiliated with China’s Nanjing Normal University launched a two-week Virtual Summer Academy for 20 high school students.

Published: 13 Aug 2020

Montreal Donors Support Teachers & Students in Moshi, Kilimanjaro

The Faculty of Education and its McGill International Institute of Education (MIIE) have been making an impact on society in Asia and Africa. Read More. 

Published: 6 Aug 2020

Dean Rassier’s visit to Asia

With over 20,000 active alumni in the region, Asia has always held a special position in McGill University’s international reach. Dean Dilson Rassier of the Faculty of Education visited Indonesia and Hong Kong in October, together with Alvin Chung, Head of McGill Asia Office and Caroline Sia, Education Projects Manager of McGill International Institute of Education (MIIE) – Asia.

Published: 25 Oct 2019

MIIE Hosts a Group of English Language Teachers from Hangzhou Region in People’s Republic of China

On 2 October, 2019 the McGill International Institute of Education (MIIE) hosted a group of 20 primary and secondary teachers of English as a Foreign Language from the Hangzhou region of People’s Republic of China. The day was organized in cooperation with Maplesway International Education Association (Éducation de Voie d'Érable Inc) as part of a study tour to Canada.

Published: 7 Oct 2019

MIIE global partnership brings Faculty of Education’s Jayne Malenfant to Australia

Joining the ranks of the Faculty of Education’s many global partnerships is the International Alliance, a network that connects McGill with four world-leading universities in education: Monash University, Stanford University, Oxford University, and University of Hong Kong.

Published: 12 Oct 2018

MIIE inaugural Student Summer Academy hosts high school students from China’s Maple Leaf Educational Systems

Over the first week of July, the McGill International Institute of Education (MIIE) hosted 23 high school students from Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) in China for its inaugural MIIE Student Summer Academy.

Published: 12 Jul 2018

Supporting Inter-University Research Collaborations

In partnership with the Hong Kong-based WYNG foundation, the Faculty of Education at McGill University and Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) recently participated in another successful Visiting Scholars Exchange Program. For the first part of the exchange, the Faculty of Education warmly welcomed Assistant Professor Dr. Kei Yan Poon, from the Department of Special Education and Counselling, and Associate Professor Dr.

Published: 25 Jan 2018
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