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Student life

McGill's Faculty of Medicine is a dynamic learning environment. Our students are highly energetic and motivated people who demonstrate leadership, teamwork, commitment to public service and dedication to the health and well-being of society in innumerable ways. The Medical Students' Society boasts a number of clubs and interest groups covering a broad range of topics including: Community Outreach Projects; Family Medicine Interest Student Interest Group; McGill Black Medical Association; McGill International Health Initiative; McGill Medicine & Dentistry Choir; McGill Journal of Medicine, just to name a few.

Medical students also put together a campaign on Diversity in Medical School in 2014. It is their belief that people of all races, colours, religions, and languages should have the same chance of getting into medical school and that people from any background have the potential to become excellent physicians and make a difference in their communities.

In their own words

In this series of short videos, McGill medical students share their perspectives with you.  

Esli Osmanlliu (in French)   

Esli studied Health Sciences at Collège Jean de Brébeuf before entering the Med-P program at McGill.  Here he talks about his passion for medicine, community engagement and the role of health care providers in society.

Alexander Winkler-Schwartz (in English)

Alexander reveals how his interest in medicine was sparked at an early age.  He is particularly fascinated with the human brain.  His decision to enter medicine stems from his enjoyment in the pursuit, and direct application of knowledge, to improve the lives of others.

Laurence Bernard (in French)

Laurence shares her insights into how Medicine is a social and scientific pursuit.  For Laurence, being involved in a variety of community initiatives is a key motivating factor in her medical education.

Louis-Charles Moreau (in French and English)

Louis-Charles talks about how welcomed he feels as a Francophone at McGill.   He is passionate about issues related to access to healthcare and feels as though medical training at McGill is instrumental in creating the next generation on health leaders.



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