2023 Admissions

Class of 2025

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Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic (novice)
Education: B.Sc. (Honours) (University of Toronto 2019), MSc - Chemistry (University of Toronto 2020), MA - Sociology (University of Toronto, 2021)

My name is Hamnah Majeed and I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. I have a multidisciplinary academic background in both natural sciences and social sciences. I am also passionate about research, and I have published in The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet Planetary Health, The Lancet Global Health, Palgrave Communications (Nature), ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, and Government Ministry Report. My interest in medicine dates to my childhood days where I was fascinated by the complexities of the human body. This interest solidified when my parents developed chronic conditions, and I became involved in their care. I not only learned how a multitude of factors can impact health (e.g., economic, social), but also the importance of physician-patient interactions and evidence-based care. When I am not studying or volunteering, you can find me playing basketball, traveling, reading, writing, and trying different desserts at cafes! Despite the other choices I had, coming to McGill to study medicine was a no-brainer; not only is McGill a top medical school, but it is also home to a diverse community of intellects and strives to help students become the very best physician possible. I am passionate about improving the health of Canadians, and I hope to inspire and be part of the next generation of extraordinary physicians.

Student Ambassador Hamnah


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi (casual)
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Dawson 2014), B.Sc Microbiology & Immunology (McGill 2018)

My name is Sid, and it is an honour to serve as an ambassador for the class of 2025. My favourite pass time is playing basketball. I also really enjoy cooking in my spare time. My favourite dish to make is (spicy) Lasagna. My journey to McGill medicine has been quite untraditional. I was born in Bangladesh but spent the majority of my childhood in Detroit and N.Y.C. I then moved to Montreal and started Adult Ed, as I have never attended a traditional high school.

Prior to being admitted, I worked as an administrative coordinator at the MGH ER and the GLEN site (since its opening in 2015). While working at the MUHC hospitals, I quickly realized that many of the world-class physicians and surgeons are here. I was extremely fortunate to witness them save lives and provide the “best care for life” everyday. This is one of the many reasons why I wanted to pursue my medical education here at McGill. Additionally, the Faulty of Medicine’s emphasis on equity, diversity, and outreach, has made it my dream to be here. McGill is a world-renowned university, and meeting some of the most accomplished and diverse students here made me realize how privileged I am for pursuing my medical education alongside these remarkable colleagues and friends. Finally, the tremendous amount of support, guidance, and collegiality from my peers, senior students, and the faculty confirms that I have made the right choice. Therefore, it is encouraging to know that I will be supported all along this challenging yet exciting journey to be the person that I have always dreamt to be.

Being at McGill is like being at home for me. As a student ambassador, I look forward to helping you call McGill home. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me so that I can share some of these amazing experiences and my journey to McGill Medicine with you!

Student Ambassador Sid


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Hindi (novice), Spanish (novice)
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Marianopolis 2020), Med-P Campus Outaouais (McGill 2021)

My name is Amrit, I was born and raised in Montreal, and I’m originally from India. Graduating from Marianopolis college, I completed my Med-P year before starting my first year of medical school at the brand-new Campus Outaouais. My interest in medicine sparked at a very young age from my trips to India, where I witnessed first-hand the hardships people experience socially, economically, and environmentally. This inspired me to study medicine, to help improve the quality of life of those who do not have access to the health care they deserve. Additionally, my experience as a research intern at the RI-MUHC, such as discovering new antibiotics against resistant bacteria using natural ingredients, further advanced my desire to study medicine. As a first-year medical student, I am honored to be involved in such outstanding diversity and privileged to have access to first-hand experience such as the anatomy labs and the Longitudinal Family Medicine experience, as well as the various research programs offered by McGill’s Faculty of Medicine. Outside of school, I love watching movies (favourite movie is The Dark Knight and I love Marvel movies), TV shows (Attack on Titan, Naruto, Peaky blinders, Suits, La Casa de Papel), listening to music (I love rap and Hindi music), and love spending time with family and friends. I love to work out, and I love playing/watching sports, especially soccer. I remember the application process like it was yesterday and understand how stressful it can be, but I would be happy to answer any kinds of questions you may have. All the best and I look forward to meeting you all!

Student Ambassador Amrit


Class of 2025

Languages: French, English, Arabic
Education: DEC Sciences de la Nature (Cégep de l'Outaouais, 2016), BSc Honours in Nursing (University of Ottawa, 2021), Registered Nurse (RN)

Hello and welcome! Thank you for browsing around and exploring the many faces of McGill Medicine!

My name is Sarah, and I am a second-year medical student here at McGill. I am honored to be a student ambassador! A little about me - in my free time when I’m not with friends or family or trying new recipes, I love to sing! In undergrad, I ran original musicals every year with a philanthropic student-run club. During that time, I also developed a passion for education from being an academic mentor with the faculty of health sciences and keeping busy as the VP academics of the nursing student association. I continue this trend today by being the VP of Medical Education of the Medical Student Society (MSS) and by holding various exciting positions in student-run initiatives and medical education research!

Growing up, I never really entertained the idea of medical school until much later in my schooling as I always thought it was out of reach. My trajectory is slightly unconventional, but I wouldn’t change a thing. My passion for the medical field was sparked as a nursing student. It grew stronger and unshakeable year to year as I got more exposure to the health care field. Being on the front line during the pandemic as part of the nursing team was what solidified my decision to fully delve into medicine. If you are reading this, you are probably entertaining the idea of applying to medicine here at McGill. I can’t recommend it enough! McGill medicine is the epitome of excellence. From its rich history to its curriculum, to its staff, to its students, its facilities, its research, and to its impact on the world, the MDCM program is unbeatable. Student life is rich and rewarding like none other. Being a part of such a supportive and diverse community is a true honor and an exceptional opportunity to flourish, and all of that in my beautiful home province of Québec. You are welcome here and your story is special - feel free to contact me anytime to simply chat, if you have any questions or would like advice. I would love to hear about your journey toward medicine, and what sparked your flame!

Student Ambassador Sarah


Class of 2025

Languages: English (Fully fluent) and Chinese (Fully fluent)
Education: DEC Health Science (Collège Universel, 2018-2020), Med-P Qualifying Year Campus Outaouais (McGill 2020-2021)

My name is Fangfang and I grew up in Gatineau. In my spare time, you can either find me playing piano, running, binging tv shows/movies, or reading. I've wanted to become a doctor since high school when I realized medicine is a perfect balance between humanities and sciences while being in a field that fosters lifelong learning. Coming directly from CEGEP, I know from personal experience how the admission process can be intimidating so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

McGill's medical program is renowned for the diversity of its student body, the expertise of the teaching personnel and the wide variety of research opportunities. All these factors make studying medicine at McGill a unique and enriching experience.

Student Ambassador Fangfang


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French (Novice), Bengali
Education: B.Sc Biomedical Science (University of Ottawa, 2018), MSc. Epidemiology (McGill, 2021)

My name is Nehal, and I am excited to be one of your Class of 2025 ambassadors.

My decision to pursue a career in medicine was a culmination of some diverse and rewarding experiences, some of which trace back to my childhood in Ottawa and Dhaka, Bangladesh. In my free time, I love cycling and exploring the all-you-can-eat sushi, ice cream, and excitement Montréal has to offer.

At McGill's Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, I am incredibly fortunate to be educated in a school emphasizing the importance of learning, ethics and civic responsibility, and character building while encouraging me to seek out excellence for its own merits rather than focusing on accomplishment as measured only by grades. Having graduated with the MSc in Epidemiology from McGill's Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, I loved the supportive and collegial faculty. My supervisor and research team's encouragement equipped me with critical quantitative skills to evaluate emerging prescription drug safety questions, in addition to establishing community programs for health promotion.


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French
Education: DEC Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (John Abbott 2010), DEC Health Science (Champlain St-Lawrence 2013), B. Sc Athletic Therapy (Incomplete-Concordia 2014); B. Sc. Kinesiology (Incomplete-McGill 2015); B.Sc/M.Sc Physical Therapy (McGill 2019)

My name is Rosalie. I’m originally from Quebec City but moved to Montreal to pursue my studies in English. I have a master's degree in Physical Therapy from McGill and worked in acute care throughout COVID. Working alongside an interdisciplinary team allowed me to experience a true patient-centered approach and instigated a fire in me to pursue my studies in medicine. I love the human body and its intricacies almost as much as I love a good healthcare-patient relationship and that is what I strive for in becoming a doctor. I am so happy to continue being part of the McGill family as I continue along in this new journey to becoming a doctor. Looking forward to helping you in your journey as well!

Student Ambassador Rosalie


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish (novice)
Education: DEC (Marianopolis 2017) B. Eng. Bioengineering (McGill 2021)

I’m happy you are taking the time to explore Medicine at McGill and browsing around the different ambassadors!

My name is Mustafa and I grew up and attended schools in multiple countries in the Middle East, studying within the British educational system. Upon returning to Canada, I completed my DEC in Health Sciences, followed by a degree in Bioengineering. Throughout my undergraduate years, I completed multiple research and design projects alongside incredible colleagues in a great department. Aside from my academic pursuits, I participated in various student groups and governance positions. I also held roles in community organizations outside of university. I enjoy meeting and serving the local community as a volunteer first responder while also being an avid volunteer within the Muslim community. I love giving out a helping hand to others.

Thankfully, Medicine allows me to do it for life, where we also put together remarkable knowledge gained here at McGill to solve stimulating health problems. I am very blessed and privileged to be in this position. The Faculty is genuinely amazing. There are a lot of support systems in place for all students, and they invest a lot of time, effort, and money to have us succeed and become the best physicians possible. I highly recommend you apply and shoot your shot, there’s very little to lose!

Feel free to reach out to me or any other student listed here for any help or advice at any point throughout your journey in pursuing a career in Medicine!

Student Ambassador Mustafa


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French (novice)
Education: Bachelor of Science (University of Manitoba, 2015); Juris Doctor (University of Manitoba, 2019); Call to the Manitoba Bar (2020)

I feel honoured to study medicine at McGill because I am inspired by its many incredible research initiatives and scientific endeavours. McGill has a wonderfully supportive environment that has a diverse and very welcoming student community. The campus is beautiful and is certainly a wonderful learning environment. I appreciate how McGill embraces the same values as I do about inclusion and diversity. I am passionate about human rights and social justice issues, and I hope to help improve healthcare access for people who may face socioeconomic barriers to accessing equitable healthcare. My journey to McGill's Faculty of Medicine is a unique one. I completed a Bachelor of Science and a Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba. I was called to the Manitoba Bar in 2020. I chose to study medicine at McGill because it is world-renowned for its academic excellence, and I also appreciate the vibrant culture of Montreal. I look forward to exploring the beauty of Montreal and discovering more of the incredible opportunities that McGill has to offer.

Student Ambassador Taylor


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian (casual)
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Collège André Grasset, 2020), Med-P (McGill University, 2021)

My name is Rebecca! I was born and raised in Montreal, but I grew up surrounded by my mother's Mexican culture and by Montreal's Italian community. From a very young age, I was encouraged to learn languages, to nurture my love for dance and to read as many books as I wanted. To me, medicine has always been a discipline that harmonizes science with art, which is why I find it so appealing and fulfilling. McGill's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is a place where science and art go hand in hand, where compassion and scientific knowledge are united.


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French (Casual), Farsi (Novice)
Education: B.Sc. (Honours) Neuroscience with minor in French (University of Winnipeg 2019)

My name is Sia and I am a second year medical student. I grew up around Canada and have lived in 4 different provinces (Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba). Having moved so often, I love meeting all types of people and always enjoy hearing everyone's stories and backgrounds as well as getting involved in my community. I love the great outdoors and exploring the city (I'm always out on a walk or a bike ride), specifically, trying to find little hidden gems around Montreal (metaphorically). I appreciate the arts and am always looking to learn more about new artists (whether music/fine arts/film or any other mediums). I completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at the University of Winnipeg and continued my education with a Master’s in Neuroscience at McGill University. It has truly been an honor to grow at McGill University for the last couple of years and follow in the footsteps of so many wonderful individuals. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this community and I look forward to the next few years as I continue my medical school journey at McGill University.


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Italian (Novice)
Education: DEC Honours Health Science, Marianopolis College (2018-2020)

My name is Amanda, and I’m a 2nd year medical student at the Montreal Campus. I’m looking forward to meeting with you and helping out where I can!

Before medical school, I completed the Med-P program (the direct stream from CEGEP). Prior to that, I studied at Marianopolis College. Within medicine I have many interests, namely Genetics, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry – but I still have time to decide!

Outside of Academics, I’ve been involved in Student Government both during my Med-P years, and during my two years of medicine. In Med-P and Med-1, I was the Academic Representative of my year, helping students succeed by preparing resources for them and advocating for them. I’m currently the Executive President of the Medical Student’s Society, meaning I represent all four years of medicine in my role. I’m also involved in the MSS MUSIC Club, specifically in the “Music in the Wards” project, which aims to promote music within the hospital for patients.

Outside of school, I work part-time at a pharmacy, as a tutor and as a pianist for a choir at a residence. Music and government/advocacy work is something I love, and I try to fuel those passions as much as I can. Recreationally, I take kickboxing lessons (I just started in September) and play soccer as intramurals!

What can I help you with? I think that I’d be a good person to chat about finding an adequate school-life balance, what various opportunities are at McGill. I could also help explain the transition between Med-P and Med-1, how to adjust to such a heavy curriculum. I also currently live in Vaudreuil, and my commute is by public transit. My trip is often 3h00/30 per day, as my commute one way is between 1h30/45. If you are also living off island or far, I can speak to you about that experience.

Best of luck, and I’d encourage you to reach out for anything!


Class of 2025

Languages: English, French, Italian (novice), Spanish (rudimentary)
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2020), Med-P Montreal Campus (2021)

My name is Lauren and I was born and raised in the west island of Montreal. In my spare time, I love finding the best workout classes in the city, reading romance novels, immersing myself in new cultures through travel, hiking, and baking sweet treats to share with all of my loved ones! I have dreamed of studying medicine at McGill since I was in high school and am incredibly grateful that I have been given the opportunity to obtain my medical degree here. Through the physicianship/ osler fellow program, the early clinical exposure and faculty lecturers who are always eager to teach, I have been able to foster relationships and meet mentors who help me get out of my comfort zone, explore my interests within the field of medicine, and acquire skills that I will take with me and use for life. What stood out most to me about McGill is how diverse the student body is, and I am continuously amazed by how helpful and welcoming all of my peers have been, no matter what background you come from.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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