2024 Admissions

What Are We Looking For?

Students at the Medical Simulation Center

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University conducts a thorough, multi-criteria evaluation of applications to its programs. We attend to each candidate’s academic and non-academic achievements. Screening and selection processes are continually scrutinized, in an effort to ensure transparency and fairness to all candidates.

We aim to select students with the greatest potential to meet the demands of our curriculum; to contribute meaningfully to the learning environment and to provide outstanding health care to the public we serve.

Understanding that our graduates will go on to serve diverse communities in Québec, Canada and beyond, we expect our candidates to demonstrate a deep commitment to a pursuit of excellence in academic work, ethical and professional conduct, and awareness of the complexities of the world in which they will go on to hold privileged positions of service and leadership.

If you are interested in applying to McGill's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I handle the rigorous and intense academic program that is required in order to become a physician?

  • Do I have a passion for the profession of medicine, and am I ready and willing to dedicate and commit myself to be of service to others?

  • Do my life and work experiences demonstrate that I have prepared myself in the best ways available to me for a career in medicine?

The MDCM Admissions Committee uses these questions as guiding principles in the assessment of applications for entry into the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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