2023 Admissions

Admissions - by the numbers

The table below provides application and admissions data for the different applicant categories from the most recent complete application cycle:

Note that in general, the following are the lowest academic scores for invitation to interview in the main residency cohorts, when combined with very high scores on the non-academic selection tools. Note that this is based on prior years and may not predict results in future cycles. Special pathways may have specific academic thresholds, and cohorts with smaller numbers of applicants can have higher variability in scores from year to year.

  • Quebec-University: 3.5 GPA
  • Canadian 3.8 GPA
  • International 3.7 GPA
  • Med-P 34.5 R score

Last updated August 25, 2021

(Volume and Academic Profile - Fall 2021 admission)

Applicant Category


Invited for interviews


QC University 

N= 1283


N= 117

Average GPA: 3.69

Average GPA: 3.87

Average GPA: 3.91

Mode GPA: 3.85

Mode GPA: 3.95

Mode GPA:3.95


N= 17

N= 10

N= 5

QC Med P

N= 1039

N= 327

N= 71

Average R Score: 34.55

Average R Score: 36.86

Average R Score: 37.17

Mode R Score (by .5): 35.5

Mode R Score: (by .5) 36.5

Mode R Score (by .5): 36.5


N= 1225

N= 34

N= 10

Average GPA: 3.80

Average GPA: 3.97

Average GPA: 3.99

Mode GPA: 4.0

Mode GPA: 4.0

Mode GPA: 4.0

Canadian indigenous N=5 N=4 N=1


N= 100

N= 8

N= 2

Average GPA: 3.73

Average GPA: 3.94


Mode GPA: 3.95

Mode GPA: 4.0



N= consult with Dentistry

N= consult with Dentistry

N= 1

*These following places are supernumerary to the available seats in the cohorts listed above:


N= 17

N= 10

N= 4


N= 9

N= 9


Joint Programs - Volume and Academic Profile - Fall 2021 admission
Program Applicants

Invited for interviews



N= 127 N= 20 N=5
Average GPA: 3.83 Average GPA: 3.92  
Mode GPA:4.0 Mode GPA:4.0  
  1. We do not report GPAs for N≤10 out of respect for the privacy of the students
  2. N represents population size
  3. The number of applicants includes cancelled applications
  4. The PNIQ/FNIN pathways includes applicants to the MDCM and the Med-P Qualifying Year

Additional information on Canadian medical education statistics can be found here.

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