Welcome to Undergraduate Medical Education at McGill University!

Dear incoming Med-1 students,

Congratulations and welcome to the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Science MDCM Program. You made it! We are delighted you are joining the Class of 2025.

Our first message to you, as you prepare to fulfill your dream, is to always have your patient at heart, and science in hand. The goal of the MDCM Program is to help you achieve that – to understand the interactions between the patient, the science and yourself – and to support you as you develop into an outstanding physician. We hope you enjoy these first four years of the journey, which mark the beginning of a lifelong commitment to learning, for your future patients.

We are there for you.

The Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) teams in Montreal and at Campus Outaouais look forward to meeting you, as do our Student Affairs teams in the WELL Office. They are there to help ensure you have the best possible educational experience. Please feel free to contact these offices for information, for advice or to voice any concerns. As a member of the UGME community, you are part of a dynamic collaboration with administration staff, leadership and teachers. We work together toward one shared goal: your success. And we count on you to help nurture open two-way communication in a mutually respectful, supportive environment to achieve this.

You are all top performers. We know that. In medical school, however, the volume of material you learn likely will be higher than what you have experienced so far. Mastering the necessary knowledge and skills to become a doctor can be stressful. Know we are committed to help make your experience supportive, meaningful and enriching. Dr. Mélanie Mondou in Montreal and Dr. Marion Koch in Outaouais are your go-to people for all academic matters.

Equally important, Dr. Nathalie Saad in Montreal and Dr. Emmanuelle Britton in Outaouais, both leaders in the WELL Office, are there for you to discuss topics such as counselling, academic support and career advice. Their teams are your first line of contact if ever you are in distress, whether or not it is affecting your academic performance. If you have questions about financial support, the Scholarships and Student Aid team provide counselling about budgeting and debt management, and if you are having trouble making ends meet, they can help you secure financial aid.

Looking forward to seeing you, in person!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, McGill has been offering courses primarily remotely, with certain key activities taking place in person, such as anatomy labs, simulation centre activities and physical examination skills training. In Fall 2021, at the Montreal Campus, we are planning to continue a hybrid approach, with increased in-person, small-group activities.  At Campus Outaouais, we are planning for all in-person learning, given the smaller class size. Depending on the pandemic's evolution, this could change; rest assured we will update you if it does.

We very much look forward to meeting you during our MDCM Program Orientation & Registration Week, which begins August 17, 2021. This is a mandatory event and so make sure to mark it in your calendars now! We'll provide you with more information this summer, including confirmation of the overall approach.

An awesome privilege.

It is a great privilege to be a physician – you are entrusted with people’s wellbeing and lives. When you hold this responsibility humbly, and with true compassion for the diverse individuals and communities you serve, the returns in personal fulfillment and patient gratitude are many.

We wish you every success, as you embark on this awesome journey with us!



Dr. Mélanie Mondou, MD, MHPE 

Associate Dean
Undergraduate Medical Education
Email: undergrad.med [at] mcgill.ca (assistant)
Tel: 514-398-3519

Dr. Nathalie Saad, MD

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs
Email: nathalie.saad [at] mcgill.ca 
Tel: 514-398-5557  


Dr. Marion Koch, MD

Program Director, Campus Outaouais
Undergraduate Medical Education
Email: marion.koch [at] mcgill.ca 
Tel: 819-966-6525, extension 352540




Dr. Emanuelle Britton, MD

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Resident Affairs, Campus Outaouais
Email: emmanuelle.britton [at] mcgill.ca

Words of Welcome from the Medical Students' Society Executive

Words of Welcome from the Medical Students' Society Executive

Dear Class of 2025,

First and foremost, on behalf of the Medical Students’ Society (MSS), congratulations on your acceptance to McGill medicine! Take a second to cherish this moment because you are about to embark on an incredible journey.

We welcome you to our vibrant, dynamic medical student community, full of opportunities to further pursue your academic, professional, scientific, and social aspirations. You are now a member of the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, an institution with an illustrious past and brilliant future. As you meet your colleagues and mentors, you will soon appreciate all the incredible supports and connections integrated within this stimulating and enriching environment.

This past year has been an exceptional one and has proven to be a significant challenge for many of us. The fact that you have all undergone this stressful medical school admission cycle during a pandemic proves just how resilient you all are and how well suited you will be to commence this new chapter of your lives, during which you will gain more knowledge than you ever thought possible, encounter new fulfilling experiences and further your self-discovery.

The MSS is here to support you during your time at McGill whether you are at the Montreal or Outaouais campus. We want to empower you to create your own unique, unforgettable experience through involvement in academics, community outreach, political discourse, social life and more! We organize multiple services, conferences, workshops, clubs, interest groups and other activities yearly. I encourage you to actively participate and make a difference! If you would like to learn more about all the MSS opportunities available to you, feel free to explore our website. Expect to hear more from us during the summer – we’ll be in touch!

We look forward to meeting you all (hopefully in-person)!

Best regards,

Dennis Rompotinos


Executive President | Medical Students’ Society (MSS)

M.D.,C.M. Candidate (2023) | McGill University

president.mss [at] mail.mcgill.ca | www.mcgillmed.com


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