2024 Admissions

Entrance Scholarships and Financial Aid

MDCM Entrance Scholarships

View the list of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Entrance Scholarships here.  These are offered annually to first-year MDCM students based on academic merit.  No application is required unless otherwise noted.

Med-P Qualifying Year 

Entrance scholarships are available for students accepted to the Med-P Qualifying Year; they are not awarded by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, but by the Faculty of Science or the central Scholarships office. During this one year Med-P Qualifying Year, students are registered in the Faculty of Science and hence are eligible for University entrance scholarships. Once the student is promoted to the Faculty of Medicine these scholarships are renewable annually for three academic periods if the student meets the renewability criteria.

Class of Medicine 1985 Entrance Scholarship (Application required)

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is pleased to announce the establishment of the Class of Medicine 1985 Entrance Scholarship, which will be awarded based on consideration of an applicant’s admissions file and the submission of an invited supplemental essay. Recipients will be selected by the Faculty’s Widening Participation Committee, whose mandate is to promote equity and diversity in the classroom. 

To apply for the Class of Medicine 1985 Entrance Scholarship: 

  • Write an essay (500 words, 1 page single-spaced, in English or French) explaining to the selection committee how your personal history and experiences might promote equity in, and contribute to the diversity of, the Faculty of Medicine's classrooms, and ultimately the health professions.
  • Submit the essay, along with a copy of your most recent resumé, by email to: admofficer.med [at] mcgill.ca with the subject line: Class of Medicine 1985 Entrance Scholarship

A recipient will be selected by the committee; the announcement can be expected in August.

Financial Aid

If you would like to attend McGill but find yourself short of funds, we encourage you to apply for government assistance.  McGill also offers Entrance Need-Based Financial aid to newly accepted Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences students.  For information, please consult the Financial Aid Menu on Minerva or consult the Scholarships and Student Aid Office.

Award for Indigenous Undergraduate Students

McGill OKÒN:RA UNDERGRADUATE AWARD for Indigenous students in full-time studies in any McGill undergraduate degree program, including Medicine (MDCM).  An application is required, please view the requirements and deadlines here: Funding for Indigenous Undergraduate Students.

Awards for Black Undergraduate Students

These scholarships are awarded by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office on the basis of financial need and good academic standing: Baylis Bursary, Cadet Foundation Bursary, Mabel and Allan Mackenzie Family Bursary, St. Sauveur Brotherhood Bursary.

External Scholarships

Many foundations and organizations offer scholarships to prospective or newly admitted medical students.  McGill's Scholarships and Student Aid Office has gathered some resources as a starting point, there is also the Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary, and the McCall MacBain scholarship.

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