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McGill Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Staff Contact List

Beth-Ann Cummings, MD
Associate Dean
Undergraduate Medical Education

For an appointment, please contact the UGME Administrative Coordinator, Olivia Pipe.

514-398-3519 [at]

Melanie Mondou, MD
Assistant Dean
Undergraduate Medical Education

UGME Operations

Tamara Lütz

Tamara Lütz
Associate Director, Operations, UGME


tamara.lutz [at]


Olivia Pipe
UGME Administrative Coordinator

514-398-3519 [at]

Mona Sabouri
Administrator, Curriculum Management 

514-398-2942 [at]

Student Records
What we can help you with: Grades
Long-term Leaves of Absence

Nathalie Coutu
Manager, Student Records

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms

514-398-3518 [at]

Farhad Saboohi
Coordinator, Student Records - Years 1 & 3

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms
Letters of Good Standing

514-398-5948 [at]

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Dominique Blais
Coordinator, Student Records - Years 2 & 4

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms
Letters of Good Standing

514-398-8045 [at]

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Curriculum - FMD and Longitudinal Courses

What we can help you with:

Course Requirements
Short-term Leaves of Absence

Lynn Aversa
Curriculum Officer, FMD and Longitudinal Courses

MSPR Viewing

514-398-1318 [at]

  Colin Chalk, MD
Component Director, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)

Anna Lee
Component Administrator, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)

514-398-8358 [at]

For Dentistry Contact Information>>

Alexandra Karabatsos
Course Administrator, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD) [at]

Susanne Gomes
Administrator, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)

514-398-5602 [at]

  Joanna Caron, MD
Component Director, Physicianship

Ashley Flesch
Component Administrator, Physicianship

514-398-3781 [at]

Carolyn-Ann Cichon
Secretary, Physicianship

514-398-5343 [at]

Safiya Simon
Course Administrator, Longitudinal Curriculum

Research Fundamentals 1 & 2
Clinical Method 1 & 2
Community Health Alliance Project (CHAP)
Reflection and Evaluation 1 & 2
Clerkship Integrated Assessment 1 & 2
Bedside Ultrasound

514-398-1645 [at]

Ann Nguyen
Examination Administrator, UGME

514-398-2615 [at]

Curriculum - TCP, Clerkship and Electives

Allison McKenzie
Curriculum Officer, TCP, Clerkship and Electives

514-398-7619 [at]


  Sabrina Fallavollita, MD
Component Director, Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP)


Monica Gutierrez
Component Administrator, Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP)

514-398-1214 [at]


Julia Dornik, MD
Clerkship Component, Director

Nicole Guedon
Component Administrator, Clerkship

514-398-3516 [at]

John-Charles Wilson
Course Administrator, Clerkship

Transition to Clerkship
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Putting it all together: Basic Science, Medicine and Society
Transition to Residency

514-398-4972 [at] [at]

Maryna Kalachova
Administrative Coordinator, McGill Electives & Exchanges

514-398-3520 [at]

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Mary Cecere
Coordinator, Visiting Electives

514-398-5390 [at]

Juliet-Ann McArthur
Timetable & Scheduling Secretary
(Room Bookings for Amphitheatres & Classrooms)

514-398-5798 [at]

Room Booking Procedures for Med Students - PDF

Medical Education - Systems

Peter Imperioli
Associate Director, Systems, Medical Education


peter.imperioli [at]


Jean-Francois Gravel
Team Leader - Customer Support - one45

514-398-5504 [at]

Liz Newcomb
Customer Support - one45

514-398-6785 [at]

Joseph Mandala
Customer Support - one45

514-398-5794 [at]

Jing Xiao
Data analyst

514-398-2109 [at]

Hanna Taleb
Data analyst

514-398-3387 [at]


Simon Ip Cho
Data analyst

514-398-7570 [at]

Timothy Johns
LMS Administrator - myCourses, myMDCM

514-398-3308 [at]

Curriculum Design and Implementation

Marian Jazvac-Martek, Ph.D.
Academic Lead, Curriculum Design and Implementation


marian.jazvacmartek [at]

Distributed Medical Education

Paola Colapelle
Officer, Distributed Medical Education

514-398-1700 [at]


Zineb Mabrouki
Administrative Coordinator, Distributed Medical Education

514-398-5666 [at]

Interprofessional Education

Rosemary Cinelli
Administrative Coordinator, Interprofessional Education

514-398-3033 [at]