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McGill Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Staff Contact List

Melanie mondou

Melanie Mondou, MD

Associate Dean
Undergraduate Medical Education

For an appointment, please contact the UGME Administrative Coordinator:
514-398-3519 [at]


Sabrina Fallavollita, MD

Assistant Dean
Undergraduate Medical Education

UGME Operations

Liana Starnino
Administrative Coordinator/Assistant to the Associate Dean

514-398-3519 [at]


Administrator, Curriculum Management [at]

Carolyn Cichon

Carolyn Cichon

514-398-1768 [at]

Ana Bergés
Administrative Coordinator, UGME


ana.berges [at]

UGME Governance
John-Charles Wilson

John-Charles Wilson
Program Oversight Officer, UGME [at]

Student Records
What we can help you with: Grades
Long-term Leaves of Absence
Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR)

Manager, Student Records

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms

514-398-3518 [at]


Janice Penney
Student Records Administrator

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms
MCCQE Certification of Identification Forms

Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR)

514-398-5302 [at] [at]

Calendly Link

Farhad Saboohi
Coordinator, Student Records - Years 1 & 3

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms
Letters of Good Standing

Commissioner of Oath Certification

514-398-5948 [at]

Calendly Link

Dominique Blais
Coordinator, Student Records - Years 2 & 4

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms
Letters of Good Standing

514-398-8045 [at]

Calendly link

Curriculum - FMD and Longitudinal Courses

What we can help you with:

Course Requirements
Short-term Leaves of Absence

Lynn Aversa
Associate Director, Pre-Clinical Education

514-398-1318 [at]

  Colin Chalk, MD
Component Director, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)

Anna Lee
Curriculum Component Officer (FMD)

514-398-8358 [at]

For Dentistry Contact Information>>


Dawn Bernard
Course Administrator, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)

INDS 111 - Molecules to Global Health
INDS 112 - Respiration
INDS 113 - Circulation
INDS 115 - Renal
INDS 116 - Defense
INDS 118 - Movement

514-398-7554 [at]

Susanne Gomes
Course Administrator, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)

INDS 114 - Digestion & Metabolism
INDS 117 - Infection
INDS 211 - Reproduction & Sexuality
INDS 212 - Human Behaviour
INDS 123 - Research Fundamentals 1
INDS 223 - Research Fundamentals 2

514-398-5602 [at]

  Joanna Caron, MD
Component Director, Physicianship

Carla El Hader
Curriculum Component Officer (Physicianship)

INDS 122 - Physician Apprenticeship 1
INDS 222 - Physician Apprenticeship 2
INDS 322 - Physician Apprenticeship 3
INDS 422 - Physician apprenticeship 4

514-398-2942 [at]

Rachel Rolland

Rachel Rolland
Physicianship Course Administrator

INDS 119 - Clinical Method 1
INDS 219 - Clinical Method 2
INDS 300 - Mindful Medical Practice
INDS 302 - Medical Ethics & Health Law
INDS 320 - Formation of the Professional and Healer

514-938-4400 ext.094205 [at]

Sandra Cardoso

Sandra Cardoso
Curriculum Administrator (Physicianship)

INDS 224- Community Health Alliance Project (CHAP)
Indigenous Health Theme
Point-of-Care Ultrasound Theme: INDS 119/SURG 301/IMED 401/INDS 408

514-398-3409 [at]


Chelsea Quinn
Examination Administrator, UGME

514-398-2615 [at]


Tracy Smith
Examination Administrator, UGME

514-398-3781 [at]

Curriculum - TCP, Clerkship and Electives

Allison McKenzie
Associate Director, Clinical Education

514-398-7619 [at]


  David Luckow, MD
Component Director, Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP)


Monica Gutierrez
Curriculum Component Officer (TCP & Logistics)

IMED 301 - TCP Internal Medicine
FMED 301 - TCP Family Medicine
PAED 301 - TCP Pediatrics
NEUR 301 - TCP Neurology
SURG 301 - TCP Surgery
ANAE 301 - TCP Anesthesia
RADD 301 - TCP Radiology
OPTH 300 - TCP Ophthalmology

514-398-1214 [at]


Sonia MacFarlane, MD
Clerkship Component, Director


Clerkship Component Administrator

INDS 305 - Transition to Clerkship
IMED 407 - Geriatric Medicine Clerkship

INDS 408 - Emergency Medicine Clerkship
INDS 427 - Public Health & Preventive Medicine
INDS 426 - Putting It All Together - basic science, medicine and society
INDS 421 - Transition to Residency

514-398-1645 [at]

Maryna Kalachova

Maryna Kalachova
Clerkship Administrator

SURG 402 - Surgery Clerkship
IMED 401 - Internal Medicine Clerkship
FMED 405 - Family Medicine Clerkship
PSYT 401 - Psychiatry Clerkship
PAED 401 - Pediatric Clerkship
OBGY 401 - Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkship

514-398-4972 [at]


Mireille Dernayka
Curriculum Administrator, Electives, UGME

514-398-3520 [at]

Mary Cecere
Administrative Coordinator, Visiting Electives

514-398-5390 [at]

Calendly link:

Juliet-Ann McArthur
Timetable & Scheduling Secretary
(Room Bookings for Amphitheatres & Classrooms)

514-398-5798 [at]

Room Booking Procedures for Med Students - PDF

Medical Education - Systems

Peter Imperioli
Associate Director, Systems, Medical Education


peter.imperioli [at]


Tamara Lutz

Tamara Lütz
Senior Business Analyst


tamara.lutz [at]

Julia Pennimpede

Julia Pennimpede
Senior Business Analyst

julia.pennimpede [at]

Alberto Sanchez

Alberto Sanchez
Senior Business Analyst

alberto.sanchez [at]

Marcia Cajado

Marcia Cajado
Systems & Project Analyst

marcia.cajado [at]

Jean-Francois Gravel
Team Leader - Customer Support - one45

514-398-5504 [at]

Liz Newcomb
Customer Support Consultant - one45

514-398-6785 [at]

Diana Gorea

Diana Gorea
Customer Support Consultant - one45

514-398-5794 [at]

Nadia D'Amore Nadia D’Amore
Customer Support Consultant - one45 [at]

Gina Savino Gina Savino
Customer Support Consultant - one45 [at]


Simon Ip Cho
BI Manager [at]

Hanna Taleb
Data Analyst [at]

Russell Arsenault
Data Analyst [at]


Rohhaan Thambithurai
Data Analyst [at]

Nuo Jie Cheng

Nuo Jie Cheng
BI Developer [at]

Timothy Johns
eLearning Officer

514-398-3308 [at]
timothy.johns [at]

Xinru Yang

Xinru Yang
LMS Administrator - myCourses [at]
xinru.yang [at]

Curriculum and Assessment Design and Implementation
Marian Jazvac-Martek

Marian Jazvac-Martek, PhD
Academic Lead, Curriculum Design and Implementation


marian.jazvacmartek [at]

Shujiao Wang

Shujiao Wang, PhD
Academic Lead, Assessment Design and Implementation [at]

Distributed Medical Education

Dominique Archambault, MD


dominique.archambault [at]


Maxime Pirenne

514-398-5666 [at]


Sylvie Gravel

514-398-1700 [at]

Interprofessional Education

Rosemary Cinelli
Administrative Coordinator, Interprofessional Education

514-398-5519 [at]

Teresa Matteo
Administrative Coordinator, Interprofessional Education

IPEA 500 - Roles in Interprofessional Teams
IPEA 501 - Communication in Interprofessional Teams
IPEA 502 - Patient-centred Care in Action

514-398-3033 [at]

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