Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries important step: When sending the office staff an email, students should always state their full name, student ID #, class year, email address and best contact telephone # in the email so we can process the request easily without having to write back and ask for the missing info. If a student is requesting a letter, it is important to include who it should be addressed to.

For an appointment:

For an appointment with the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, please contact: Phone: 514-398-3519 | E-Mail: [at]

For an appointment with the Assistant Dean of Students Affairs, please contact thewellofficeadmin [at]

See also who to contact for an appointment regarding Wellness/Personal issues | Academic Mistreatment | Career Advising

For Electives at McGill

Please visit the UGME - Electives website.

For French Medical Workshop:

French Medical Workshop administrator
E-mail: [at]

For Mask Fit: 

Please contact Student Health Services to ask for a mask fitting appointment.

For MD Immunization

Student Health Service - Immunizations Section
All vaccines listed are available at Student Health by making an appointment with a nurse.
See also on our website: Immunization | Blood-borne Virus Infections

For a Commissioner of Oaths

Ana Bergés
ana.berges [at]
Farhad Saboohi [at]

For Undergraduate Medical Credentialing

First step is to review Credentialing Services section. If you have any question contact:

Phone: 514-398-3519
Email: [at]

For Medical Student Performance Record or a Dean’s Letter

First step is to review MSPR (Medical Student Performance Record or a Dean’s Letter). If you have any question contact:

Phone: 514-398-3519
Email: request.ugmegrads [at]

For Medical Council Application & Certification


Lynn Aversa
Phone: 514-398-1318
Email: [at]

USMLE Certification of Identification Forms


Farhad Saboohi
Phone: 514-398-5948
Email: [at]
Calendly link
Dominique Blais
Phone: 514-398-8045
Email: [at]
Calendly link

For White Coat Ceremony

Ashley Flesch
Phone: 514-398-3781
E-Mail: [at]

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